Torque/thrust Control Blocks

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
Drawing on inspiration from my suspension control block idea, torque/thrust control blocks control the torque of wheels or the power of propellers or boosters, depending on their specification.

The wheel torque control block adjusts how hard wheels and tracks spin, effectively changing your acceleration and top speeds. Just as the suspension control block has a balance slider, the wheel torque control block has a slider for adjusting the balance of your torque. This balance slider can help with techs with rear wheels that are significantly stronger than their front wheels, or that have a rear-heavy load.

The propellor control block can adjust how much thrust your propellers provide. Higher settings can be used for speed, and lower settings can be used for low-speed observation or leisure flight. A balance slider exists for this too, but is instead for vertical balance to help your aircraft achieve leveled flight.

The booster control block adjusts the power of fuel-powered boosters and thrusters. High power burns more fuel to produce greater speeds, while low power saves fuel at the expense of thrust and speed. Just as with the propeller control block, the booster control block has a vertical balance slider.

These control blocks would add a great deal of creative freedom to the way we build our techs. It also takes a burden off of development because now, instead of the devs or modders creating high/low-power variants of every wheel, propeller or booster, the devs need only make a standard selection in each corporation, and the control blocks can take care of the rest.
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Jan 3, 2015
That would be great, and if we could get torque curves adjusted too, even better. I'm also gonna piggyback here and say we need to be able to adjust Spring Tension and Damper Strength for wheels. Of course, we actually don't have dampers in the game at all, and all the wheels either bottom out or bounce around like WW1 jeeps unless the weight of the vehicle is just right.
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