Tone generator


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Mar 4, 2020
some things to make it more simple:
1: This block will make a tone based on its octave, resource or component placed in it, and what corporation block its on (different corporation blocks make different octaves and tones).

2: this block will have a setting that will make it repeat how many times you set it to via a text box and a slider (its 0 by default).

3: this block will have the option to either be a start block, end block, or off (by default).

4: this block will only activate if its connected to an active conveyor line or loop unless stated otherwise.

5: this block will have an option to be numbered so multiple blocks with the same number id, will copy others with the same number id and dont need to be connected to a conveyor or on the same corporation specific block as long as A: one of them has a resource or component in it and B: the one with the resource or component is connected to a conveyor line or loop.

6: conveyors cannot give/take items to/from these blocks. The direction or speed of the conveyor line or loop does not affect tone generators as long as theres a start and a end.

7: tone generators with a number id of 2 will not activate unless theres either a tone generator with a number id of 1 or a tone generator set to be a starter. Starters can be set to loop as many times as you want as long as theres a tone generator set as a end.

8: tone generators set to be an end to a loop can either be set to always loop, set a time between each loop, and set a number to how many times it can loop (songs must require both a starter and a end for it to loop).

9: tone generators can be set to delay the time it takes for the next one in line to activate via text box and slider. For example: a block with the id of 7 and a delay of 2 seconds will cause blocks with an id of 8 will be delayed by 2 seconds and if blocks with ids of 8 is set with a delay of 4 seconds, blocks with ids of 9 will be delayed by 4 seconds (Delays are set to 0 by default).

10: you can set a color to these blocks as a way to make separate loops without having loops activating tone generators with similar ids from different loops. This includes starter and end set tone generators to be color codded as well.

And lastly 11: blocks set to starter have a green paint and blocks set to end will have a checkered flag paint job. Color codded tone generators (including starter and end blocks) have a thick, horizontal stripe or line with a black outline that wraps around the entire block and is colored depending on what color code that block was set to have.

I think your idea of adding some musical creativity to the game is genius. This one block alone would give birth to a whole new level of creativity for the community and others related. All i did was make it more understandable and easier to use.
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Aug 15, 2018
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My idea was to have both an input and output like a standard factory block, and use the conveyor's base timing. Place them just before the input of a component factory, and/or fabricator. with 11 base resources you have enough tones for an almost full Chromatic scale Octave in half notes.
A full Piano has eight octaves, but you can get away with four.
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