Thunder's Space and Aeronautics Research


Aircraft Enthusiast
Dec 6, 2015
Or T.S.A.R. for short,(hm, maybe I should've tought better about that) this is where I'll post my designs and concepts, all in one thread as I probably should have a long time ago, I'll open it up with something very interesting and nice, this is the Manta Ray:
Manta Ray.png

It doesn't have any weaponry or defences, but it delivers the concept of space flight very well, for the most part, and without using AGEs, think of it more as an exploration craft, it will come by default with the hover power set so that it maintains it's altitude, despite what some people thought, this update made the hoverbug even better as we can now fine-tune it even further, the trim gyro is set so that the there will be as little of an altitude change when moving forward, but you will slowly go back when there will be no control input, you can set it so that it stays perfectly still in air, I will work around this concept to make smaller and more nimble ships, and larger ships with firepower.
This is the control scheme that I'm using, it would be great for us to actually choose any buttons we want from the keyboard, but for now what we have is much better than before.