This new corporation has a great glitch!


Jul 24, 2020
With the new reticule research corporation you get many new weapons. One of these is the zero-gravity gun. While using it I somehow accidentally shot myself and then decided to build on this idea. So if you place the zero-gravity gun down and put a box around it, but at the front where the gun is pointing, you put armored slabs. With this, you are able to shoot yourself and give yourself temporary zero gravity similar to the zero gravity engine in better future. Sometimes it doesn't work for some unknown reason, my guess is the gun locked onto the enemy and stopped looking at the slabs and more at the whole blocks around it. Either way, I think this is a great glitch that people might like to know of. Personally I think this should be kept in, but I can see how it could get to be a problem. Here is a picture of the box I build that utilizes this feature.Screenshot (4).pngScreenshot (5).png
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