Things That Annoy Me in Terratech, pt 2.

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
Elitism: This is hardly exclusive to TT. Thankfully I've encountered this less and less frequently over the years. Elitism, or the Cult of the Forum Goon, can destroy a game's future. When people spend more time currying favor with devs and forum mods than actually trying to work together to improve the experience for everyone, nobody wins. As a survivor of dozens of betas I've found that the most productive designers seem to be those with a clear vision of what they want to accomplish but enough wisdom to acknowledge hard limits and blind alleys when they run into them. Feedback can quickly become an echo chamber if you only pay attention to the people with all the fancy little titles next to their profile pics. I am a firm believer in meritocracy where the most effective ideas should set the agenda. If those ideas happen to align with the dev's long-term goals they deserve serous consideration.

I love this game because: I know this is supposed to be about things that annoy me in Terratech. However, the reason behind those annoyances is because I love the idea of TT, of its construction model, its overall theme, its relative simplicity compared to more elaborate crafting games..all of it, really. Minecraft didn't interest me in the least with its blocky graphics and illogical recipes in a weird sci-magic world. It never felt like anything more than an early alpha of some open world RPG. TT really seems like it could be the Next Big Thing if it's progress could be accelerated. I keep seeing what looks like a step backward for every step foward, and I think consoles are the cause. Every change seems to cater to the controller crowd with their limited hardware. That's a damn shame and kinda makes me wish Payload could either build a "TT Lite" for those folks or farm it out while taking the main game as far as Unity allows on personal computers.
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