There are too much enemys ! [ 0.8.2 ]

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by iRasec, Jul 8, 2018.


do you think there is too much enemys in early game ?

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  1. iRasec

    iRasec New Member

    It has been 4 or 5 times that I redo a savegame because after 1 and 1/2 hours of game, my base is attacked by 6 tech in the same time !!! even with the turret mission ( in early game ) 4 enemys were close to the mission !

    I re-made a savegame and I cannot spot less than 3 enemys in the radar ! even with a little tech without defense !

    So please, make a system with difficulty... Please !
  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    I've moved this thread from "Bugs" to "Suggestions" becaues I don't think a bug is being described.

    There is/was a known bug with enemies spawning on top of bases (when returning to them). But eEnemies should not spawn within 100m of one of your techs, or within 200m of your current tech. They are immobile over 200m from your camera and are de-spawned over ~500m from you, so that might give you some ideas how to deal with them (e.g. stay still, or go a long way away and come back).
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  3. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    I don't really have an answer to this as for me I'd say there is seldom a point where the are enough enemies... or at least with sufficient difficulty where the outcome of any battle is in the balance. I'd definitely suggest a difficulty system be added ASAP as I think this is way more important than filter receivers or immense silos... ;)
  4. Gayvid`

    Gayvid` Yes, I'm a well-known member

    There's not enough enemies spawning, at least for me.
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  5. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    If you have too much enemy near a mission , try to bait them before make mission start.

    Also have "too much enemy" is often a good and a bad things , good because they can start to fight each other after you"activate" them (go near enough) , and a bad thing because they destroy their block in the battle so it result in less block for you.

    (Also even if i can destroy almos every tech in few secondes , when i see a big single tech from far , i spawn a mini tech with a single drill and i sneak it for a tech surgery instead of blowing it , i'm not doctor shadox for nothing you know)

    Yeah , but i still want these lol

    But yeah i agree , i'm tired to encounter weak tech when i know it'll be possible to meet beast and steal all their block.
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  6. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    I don't consider an invader successfully defeated unless I have stolen every part possible before it dies... :)

    I Love Open Tech Surgery. :D
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  7. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    Okay so...

    1) I've never had my base attacked by 6 techs at once. or 4. Maaaybe 2. So that's really weird IF they are attacking and not just lounging around, waiting to get activated. Or maybe you have an absolutely enormous base?

    2) Turrets are your friends. Design, build and deploy them. They are the ones who are supposed to defend your base, not your tech. For your main base I would advise no less than 4 turrets around the perimeter. More if you're still using crappy weapons.
  8. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it feels like there are too many techs and other times, not enough, or not enough big techs (end game).

    Also invaders should disappear if you go far enough away (like 2000 blocks or more) so you can scout and pick a new base without worrying about flying back. Teleporters would solve this nicely, thank you very much. ;)
  9. Galrex

    Galrex Possibilist

    Agreed. Also sometimes they spawned (3 or 4) quite near to my crafting base.

    In the latest video by ReaperX1, campaign 1 million BB speedrun. I spotted some enemies "popped" right next to his autominer from nowhere (whilst viewing at a slower speed). I circled these close enemy spawns in red.
    Enemy suddenly pops in.jpg

    sudden enemy pops in.jpg
  10. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    i'd like a slider to control more or less enemies. And maybe a size control. I'd like a game with few enemies around, but lots bigger than you. A real thinking challenge to overcome them.
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  11. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    It looks like those enemies spawned in very close to the 100m exclusion radius around allied techs. Not close enough to be a bug, but close enough that they will aggro onto your techs once you move within 200m of the enemy and they spring to life.

    That's just how the game's currently designed. Would it be better to never have any of your techs in any danger?
  12. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Techs spawning within aggro range of your helpless anchor techs can add some good tension to the game. Tears were shed one time when I lost my first SCU and the trading stations weren't selling any more of them.

    However, one time a tech spawned 100m from my active tech after it had been sitting motionless for several minutes. That's not cool, but it's only happened one time.
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  13. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    But why is the AI so psychotically against Autominers... I get them spawning miles away and rush over to pop them out of the ground... :D
  14. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    I also have seen enemy techs targeting the autominers before the surrounding turrets, and due to the enemy ai targeting the autominers first, I usually surround the autominer cluster with atleast 10 turrets with stud lasers 3 pounders and megas a shield and repair and 2+ batteries (and one or more solars to charge in the day) on each turret, (and also put a sheild and repair with 2 batteries on each of the miners behind the turret lines)
  15. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    They think they're crypto miners driving up the prices of graphics cards. :D
  16. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    And that's why Biterudite is headed straight for a crash... :D
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  17. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    it's why i always seek an area with many mining spot , then place many tower defence around ,then only my miner , finally i take control a tower in the center and i don't move , i never had problems , even with my biggest mining spot nest (28 erudite spot in the same area).

    If you don't move , enemy tech will stay in a "sleep state" (except if they spawn almost ON your miner) , so if you don't move and if it's safe for 5 minute , it will stay safe for ever.
    (before using quad miner on the spot i was with mono miner so my game was running all night long for empty a spot (so around 8hours (real time)) and i never had issue about enemy tech destroying my build after a night).

    Also i often see Youtuber kill enemy tech not so near of their miner (= a peacefull enemy if you stay far of him) , and it's a big mistake , the best idea for trigger enemy tech (+ the risk to make spawn another tech near your build).

    I'm currently at 27.000.000bb in campaign
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  18. Galrex

    Galrex Possibilist

    Yes. Whilst this is very true for late campaign players. They can easily spawn a lot of mega turrets with a lot of weapons around their mining base. Early game players might struggle to balance between leaving their mining operation unguarded to go for some mission hunts and staying to guard their properties. But yeah placing some defense turrets will usually fix the issue even if the enemy spawns close enough within the 100m exclusion radius as mentioned to nearby allied techs, which will usually be stationary unless I move my current tech until it becomes aggro towards my other techs.

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  19. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    TBH it's the tiny "critter" type techs (those that are the same size as the initial spawns) that are the issue. They don't do any real damage just pop the miners out of the ground. And even a stray shot will do that and while the turrets will kill the "critter" it won't replace the miner.
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  20. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    I dunno why they pop out of the ground though, no other structure behaves like that. Is this deliberately coded in to be annoying or is it some kinda bug? I really don't see the point of it if it's deliberate.

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