The world map needs some work: world generation and story ideas.


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Jun 16, 2020
I love this game, but the more I play it the more I realize the planet we are mining feels well boring. For the longest time I thought it was just the lack of challenge from the enemies but resently I realized it was the generation of the world, out side of set props there isn't much of a reason to explore once you have seen a biome once you have seen all versions of that biome, the only difference is what ones are next to it.

So In this topic I am trying to come up with ways to improve it by well ideas alone.

The first idea I have is to increase the height of the world, make it so that you are not in the negatives on altitude just being at ground level.

The second idea add ravines that split things, like the one we see on wingnuts quest but instead of just one or two ravines, make them part of the world generation.

The final part of this is to add ravine fillers, bridges seperate filler types. The default is water which drains batteries and damages techs making it impassible in most situations requiring bridges to pass. This alone would make wing nuts quest better.

generation idea image.png

Above is an image of a suggestion random generation color explenation before I continue.

Light green: Meadow
tan: desert
Light brown: hills (currently mountains)
Dark green: forest hills (lots of rocks and trees)
Red brown: Mountains (high up, has "snow" at the top, high amounts of vein ores but hard to build on.
dark blue: Ice biome (current one)
Light grey: salt flat (Is carved at ravine height never comes in contact with a ravine.)

Light blue: ravines, water filled.

Structure points
Star: crash site
Arrows: GSO trading stations (just to give a general idea will always spawn near bridges if possible and not to close to other points)
rectangles: bridges (wingnut will spawn on one at random when his quest starts.)

Now you maybe wondering how does adding some verticality to the world with ravines/oceans, and high mountains make things more interesting. That is where the next part comes in. hostile biomes, these are biomes with high risk and reward. bellow are ideas for such biomes.

Volcanic zones
info: literally just this biome from raf

info: oceans may not seem dangerous I mean to boats, but you are not a boat you are a tech with a lot of metal that will sink of not shaped right, go to deep and you will start taking damage unless using specific parts. But the bottom of the ocean has some heavy rewards, ores impossible to find anywhere else, sure you can't craft anything with them but finding one deposite of goldite will net you a cool 10k if you manage to refine and sell it. (deposite being 2 rocks giving 5 ore each.)

Radioative Fungal Biome

Info: this biome is a sickly purple with spores floating through the air, generally next to pillar biomes, spore blooms (a plant) damage everything around them, regrowing faster then the trees of this planet (think of it like a forest of thick damaging trees), anchors other then GEOCORP can't set roots in this place, and hostile plant creatures attack anything that get close.

Note: this biome has a high amount of sap given from its plants, as well as high value materials from the ranged plants (they spit acid, which can be used in crafting.). The problem with this biome is everythign in it regrows even the mossy rocks that dot its surface, making a long term base here is hard as the trees will destroy your structures trying to regrow if you place them in the same location. That said it is the safest biome from hostile techs as they will not land there.

Ideas to increase variation on map.

Though out the main story we have to fight things like a SAM site and see some developed sections. This is where the more interesting idea comes into place.

Corperate bases

These are large multi structure bases similar to RR's bases the difference is they are well built and each one has a focus. Unlike the random generated one off bases you get for the take the base randoms these are not player buildible buildings instead being large structures that can be seen from nearby biomes.

With this idea the first one you will run into is a GSO corperate base. This would have 2 main builds which can only fit small techs, in one there is a luxite farm, outside of the other you meet crafty mike.
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Jun 16, 2020
Story retool idea

Start: doesn't change you crash land while being dropped to join a nearby GSO corporate base, you need to fix up your tech and deal with rogue techs along the way.


Once you go to your first quests the GSO trade point will point you to a GSO corporate base for crafty mike instead of some random point. These bases are spawned every so often on the map, by default the first one will be just across a bridge near the player.

Once you get to the base Mike will do his normal introduction of refining ore, this time with a small refinery next to a large GSO building refinery. The larger one is a base building that quickly refines ores and sells them but gives the player only 90% of their value.

From here the game progresses as normal with these new corperate bases giving better rest points and unique flares to the map as each one is different.

For GSO their unique buildings are as follows two per base, first base has a set config of luxite and refinery.

CORP BASE Facility options GSO
note: GSO bases have two buildings, 4 turrets, and 3 small techs

Luxite farm: constantly produces luxite crystals inside a greenhouse like building. (first one has this.)

Radar station: a large radar building with a missile turret tech guarding its entry, inside is a quest terminal that only gives GSO random quests (all corps have one of these except RR)

Warehouse: a large building filled with ore storage blocks, has a "scrapper" next to the door, placing an ore storage block near it will cause it to give that blocks value in BB.

Powerplant: Charges nearby techs, bases with this have shields on their turrets while ones with out don't.

Refinery: rapidly picks up and refines any resource brought to it, but only give 90% of the resources value to the player as a processing fee.

barracks: does nothing but looks good.

Other corp base ideas

NoTe: GEO has 3 structures, 2 turrets and several just cabs wondering their bases. the turrets are GSO turrets

Deep drill: a large drill that slowly generates Any metal ore which can be bought at a discount depending on players GEO level 30% cheeper at level 3. (Sells bulk ores)

Geothermal plant: same as powerplant for GSO

warehouse: same as GSO warehouse jsut bigger

Repair and refit facility: a building that a large tech can roll into for free heals.

Scrap yard: a structure filled with broken tech bits, has a universal scrapper on it allowing you to break down parts from any faction, drops them nearby.

Barracks: does nothing but looks good.

Vehicle bay: sells one of a set of vehicles to the player, each one can be used as many times as you have money are 10% cheeper then buying the parts.

Command station: has a quest terminal inside that only gives GEOCORP quests. looks like a massive crane.

Note: Venture has 2 structures, 4 turrets, and has planes flying above it that do dive bombs on nearby hostiles.

Runway: every single one has this, it is a medium runway that small planes can take off from. has a "radio tower" and control tower. (As such only the second one is random.) at the bottom of the radio tower is a quest terminal that only gives venture quests.

Venture refinery: refines resources faster then GSO on max overclock, like theres takes 10% of the profit.

Vehicle bay: Sells Zoomer, and other light scout vehicles each one only sells one vehicle

Speed hotel: Does nothing but looks cool.

SAM site: destroys hostile airborne techs with unique long range missiles.

A random ramp: seriously just a random one of their ramp trials that can be repeated whenever, gives small XP amount first time done.

NOTE: HAWKEYE bases have a solid wall around them with one entry, turrets are placed outside the wall, inside 4 structures exist with repeats allowed.
reason for complexity: replace the turret destroy missions for HE with hacked base destroy missions(info bellow)

Barracks: does nothing but looks cool, always has one.

Vehicle bay: ever want to buy a tank, well here you can buy a tank, a Humvee, a scout bike or what ever is on display.

SAM site: blows things out of the air with cruise missiles.

Command barracks: looks like the barracks but with an open door that a small or medium tech can drive into, has a quest terminal that only give HE quests.

TANK DEPOT: spawns 2 tanks that roam the area around the base

BMB silo: two large silows that fire out swarms of missiles at hostiles

Helipad: spawns a VTOL that attacks things from the air.
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Jun 16, 2020
NOTE: Better future, doesn't have permenant bases, instead has large "floating techs" that stay over a location in which smaller techs support, as such they do not really have options or bases to be seen. They do however have unique features if you can hover up and land on their bases.

Corp base functions: better future mission terminal, and latest tech catalog. (pay 100,000 for a drop of 4 crates that only have BF parts 5 parts per crate.)

Now for the fun part, each corporation has their bases spread out across the map, but from the GSO trading posts you can some times get quests related to these large bases.

Examples of missions

Retake the base:
a base from [CORP] has been taken over by rogue techs from [different corp] head over there and destroy them so [corp] can continue work.
quest info: fight a large group of techs which are guarding the remains of a base (new turrets and wonder techs drop in once done.)

Destroy the rogue base: A base has been hacked all techs in it have gone hostile, head over there and destroy them to retake the base.
quest info: same as retake the base but includes the bases defenses as hostiles these defenses will be replaced on completetion, yeah fear the AA guns and aircraft.

Reinforcements needed:
A base from [corp] Is under attack by hacked techs from [any corp] head over and help sure up the defenses.
quest info: survive 6 waves and a large tech with the help of the base, BB payout base on how many allied techs are left standing.

Assault the base: [corp] Is looking to attack a rogue base from [HE or BF] head over and join the assault force.
quest info: meet up with a small group of allied techs and rush a base similar to destroy the rogue base.
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Jun 16, 2020
Got bored decided to make a mock up of a GSO CORP base.


builds are not accurate to Idea but the two buildings there are a refinery and a radar facility. The turret type would be random and the two shown would be the GSO ones, this base having one more then normal do to the radar facility.

Facility in mock up

note: is built to be "functional" for the idea, but doesn't have the tax for doing so. you also have to drive in it with a small tech to get to the deposite point in this one, in the real one just driving up to the door would give it.

Radar facility:
note: the radar would be an actual one, uses terminals to show where the mission giver would be.

Note: has 2 batteries and a shield, normally these are not active unless near a trade station or a power station. (might make a mock up of that later.)


A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020
The more I play terra tech the more I realize it isn't just the ground level that needs more work, the place is rather flat and boring, no distiquishing features.

Here is a challenge navigate the world with out a radar, that shows the flaws in the world its self. For there are no real landmarks and those that are there only appear when you are close making it hard to navigate.

We need landmarks we can see on the distance as well as things to break up the land. Like every mountain biome is almost the same, maybe have some of them with different structures and generation.

The world is just to flat.
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