The Water Mod


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Mar 15, 2022
I could imagine building SBY ships that land in water but fly around. This mod paired with TACtical AI would allow for so much. Like I'm in the water, floating around with my battleship, and BAM, one of TACtical AI's enemy spacecraft comes in. Then I rise out of the water, and there's a battle of epic proportions that ensues.


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Dec 11, 2019
For reference I am talking about the Steam Workshop port of this mod. I don't expect any kind of priority or action to be taken but I wanted to put these thoughts out there just in case they are heard and or considered.
I have been making a whole lot of naval techs to use with advanced AI and it's spawning options. I've noticed a few things about the water mod.
- Main thing is that there isn't enough documentation about what the options do. I have no clue what any of the 4 tank dampening options do or what surface skinning is.
- Second is an already known problem of the default shader not being transparent but my computer has no problem with fancy water which still has transparency
- Third is a QoL request to make a "return to default" button for settings. Especially with density testing it's annoying trying to remember where everything was originally after tweaking settings to test what they do.
- Fourth is very personal opinion. I feel like there should be at least an option to lower the visual level of water but not the physics. Currently with default density that allows medium weight techs (couple of single blocks and a heavy weapon in this case) to sink if they don't have buoyancy plates(small armor plates), a GSO cab on it's own sits just under the water. Expand it to a 3x3x3 cube with a single gyro it still sits a the same level until a minimum of 4 small armor plates are added that allows the top of the cube to just barely stay above the surface. Adding 12 plates to the bottom row of blocks lets the top blocks stay more than halfway out of the water. It would be nice if there could be a toggle to move the current visual level down to halfway of the cab. I fully understand there are building techniques to counter this like armor plates however It would be a nice change to allow smaller techs to be made that actually look nice (not "flooding" a majority of the time) in the water at default settings (As I imagine some users don't want to mess with them) 1669603083909.png