The Unofficial Turret Challenge, Part II!

How's this as the successor of the previous one?

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The Grand Teki

Well-Known Member
Feb 17, 2017
UESO hq.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Unofficial Turret Contest is back with Part II!
Let's not waste your valuable time, here are the rules:
  1. No shields or repair bubbles can be used. However: batteries, solar panels and anti-gravity generators are free game.
  2. No modded blocks, sorry.
  3. No GSO mortar spam.
  4. No rocket spam (mainly applies to swarm and avalanche missiles)
  5. Must include an anchorable anchor. It does not need to rotate.
  6. Must include an AI module.
  7. No wheels or hovers.
  8. Anything not prohibited here can be used, including but not limited to: explosive bolts, fabrication blocks, magnets, SCUs, etc.
  • Aluminium: 13-11 block cube
  • Iron: 10-8 block cube
  • Steel: 7-6 block cube
  • Titanium: 5 block cube
  • Corporation awards:
    • If you exclude blocks from a certain corporation (anchors don't matter as long as you have one), you are given at most eight five of the following:
      • Surveyless, GSO
      • Mineless, GeoCorp
      • Raceless, Venture
      • Warless, Hawkeye
      • Futureless, Better Future
      • Dareless, Reticule Research
      • Junkless, Space Junkers
      • Computerless, Legion
      • Bugless, Experimental
    • If you only use one corporation's roster of blocks, you'll also get one of these:
      • Surveyor, GSO
      • Prospector, GeoCorp
      • Daredevil, Venture
      • Warmonger, Hawkeye
      • Futurist, Better Future
      • Lunatic, Reticule Research
      • Homemade, Space Junkers
      • Ascendant, Legion
      • Tester, Experimental (You don't need all of your blocks to be Experimental, just a meaningful amount)
    • If you use blocks from every corporation meaningfully (not just single blocks, like one measly weapon!), you'll get the "Multicorporationalist" award.
  • Close shave: Your turret is on the brink of annihilation after winning.
  • From beyond the grave: Have an enemy kill you after it died, or kill an enemy after you die with stray last bullets. If no enemies are left, you win, regardless of your turret's status.
  • Spotless: Do not lose a single block.
  • Survivor: Have a long, interesting battle with the baddies.
How to "play":
  1. Somehow record what you do. If you can't, just send me your snapshot.
  2. Select the "turret stem" tech.
  3. Load in your turret.
  4. Switch to the floating tech above your turret.
  5. Set your turret to guard mode.
  6. Hold down T and click on the enemies.
  7. Watch as the fight does down.
  8. Once it's done, clean up and store away the turret (or the enemies).
  9. Repeat from step 2, if your turret won.

Please let me know if I forgot something. I made this post in the Dark Scenic View theme, sorry if it is hard to read in any themes.



Crazed Builder
Feb 25, 2015
These techs are going to my submission for three of the four leagues, but there could be one more coming.
I will be making the video later, but I thought I would throw the snapshots up here first just to let you know that there are some coming.
They are named after the league that they will be competing in.
Titanium RX1.png
It's a bit hard to see, but there is a turret in there somewhere ;).
Steel RX1.png
Hopefully this one is as tougher than its name.
Aluminium RX1.png
This turret looks big because it is. This is probably going to be my favorite league!

Have a good one [8D)