The United American Federation or (UAF)


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Mar 20, 2021
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The United American Federation
"One Federation united against all who oppose them"

the United American Federation is built on the values of the united states of northern America. all rights to all people, and the will to do whatever it takes to defend those rights. the Federation, while the continent now being separated from central America, has expanded its navy, military, and air force tenfold over the course of 20 years.
due to arms deals with Hawkeye corporation, TAC, a PMC by the name of GRIS, and Hawkeyes division known as black labs, UAF has been able to facilitate its ships with the latest technology available.
THE UAFs forces however can be hired with a quite hefty price tag, by other kingdoms, if seen the be reasonable by the UAFs chief commanding officer, E. Roonies.

The UAF believes in a free world, and their military strategy goes as follows: "if they're dead, they cant attack us!" UAF mainly sticks to naval based and aircraft based attacks.
the times that they have struck on land, they strike with ferocity and massive manpower, (provided by NOVA)

THE UAF is currently looking at a defense contract with SADF (another group made by Mars3885, he is making some really cool blocks)
other than that, the UAF is currently not at odds with anyone.

Style of building

the UAF builds rather futuristic, but too far ahead. i.e. starships, mobile flying factories, hypersonic missiles, and flying orbital cannons capable of destroying planets. nothing too crazy.
As for military prowise, the UAF's military is the UAF, but currently it gets its land and small air vehicles from a PMC called GRIS.
The UAF may be rather new, but it is already making itself known as a reliable asset to the defense of the galaxy. This is my first thread. If you want to make a tech for the UAF, that's pretty awesome. go for it.
UPDATE: after some thought I quickly reized that the original UAF was way too strong. So I toned it down a bit. The UAF's Navy still is formidable, as they have made a new flagship, the UAFS Dracor.
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