The Ultimate Build Beam Thread

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Jul 23, 2018
Hi all!

We need your help! We're looking at how build beam works and what we can do to improve/update it.

It would be super helpful and awesome if we could get your input on what you'd like to change about build beam.

To give you an idea of what we're thinking about, some of the suggestions from the team include:
  • Block statistics - Such as power output from generators, ect.
  • Optimisation - Help to increase frame rate while in BB.
  • Adjusting the Colour/Brightness of the beam - Making it easier to see what you're doing.
  • Mirror mode in Creative and R & D Mode.
All you need to do is put your suggestions in this thread and we'll keep an eye on them all.

We can't wait to see what you've got!


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Jun 29, 2017
If you're reporting a bug with build beam
The bug with build beam orientation being off-axis when a tech's cab has been re-oriented has long been reported, here.

There's a whole list of all factors affected by this tech re-orientation issue. Having a full fix for this situation that kicks in with picking up a tech in the build beam is actually a pretty good (new) idea. Avoiding recalculating during tech destruction, or whatever. And sensible to think about while re-working the BB in general, in my opinion.:)


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Jun 29, 2017
Mirror mode in Creative and R & D Mode
If this could somehow be extended more generally to allow sub-assemblies to be attached, that would be amazing, for repeated structures, incorporating existing snapshots into another design.

Moving part of a tech and being able to re-attach it would be amazing! Even if you had to attach a cab to the extraneous section and manually disconnect it by removing the adjoining blocks. So many times have I wanted to shuffle up a whole section that would take ages to rebuild from sratch.


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Sep 9, 2017
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I would like a few things:

(1) An option or replacement feature that disables the light the build beam casts on your tech, instead only having the spotlight on the ground and a humming sound effect to show that it's enabled.

(2) To completely disable camera spring in the build beam (for hover techs ascending at 300ft/sec, synergyses with (3)).

(3) To allow build beaming to not raise the current tech (optional) (useful for bases, would preserve the camera reorientation.)

(4) If certain classes of blocks on the current tech could be additively hidden (but still physically render. Useful to examine crafting systems etc despite the tech's superstructure.)

+1 on stats, +1 on adjustable movement speed (perhaps by holding a button and scrolling?), +1 on BBing multiple techs, +1 on vertical height adjustments.


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Jun 29, 2017
(3) To allow build beaming to not raise the current tech
Excellent point. This lifting pretty much prevents the focus-camera-on-block (right click) feature being used for massive bases, when it seems made for them.

Currently build beaming a big base causes the worst FPS drop, when a load of resources in Silos regain full physics, etc. Dropping resources too, with stacked Silos or just when they are moving into the top of Silo storage. And on the topic of big (base) techs...

Limit the build beam rotation rate more for wider techs - currently it takes the same ~3 seconds to fully rotate a single cab or a 64 block wide behemoth. The insane edge speed and force can easily insert the build beamed tech into another anchored tech! Also drop held resources.


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Dec 6, 2015
Would AI behaviour incorporating build beam count here? For example when using it in multitechs, especially flying ones they tend to use build beam when airborne and ruin the whole thing, can it be made such that they only use it if we allow them to? Other than that it would also be useful if the build beam would cancel out the constant thrust from the hoverbug.


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Jun 30, 2018
I personally would like to have a button in build beam mode that opens a menu,where you can:
1)Get stats on your vehicle(enemies killed,Maximum power output/current output, same with battery capacity,...)
2)Get a complete list of blocks, highlight and hide them.
And finally, have a blocpedia in-game, where you have all the info on every block and weapon.


Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
When in build beam, activate the ImpeniShield. This'll cover the entire tech, and act as a physical barrier, so enemy techs can't disrupt your building. The build beam(if visible) will be tinted PINK(we also offer options for all colors except rainbowraces, moon blue, and pyroboat. See our website for the full list of colors.)

The ImpeniShield™ can not be activated if you have fired or been hit within ~5 seconds, or if an enemy is within ~75 (TerraTech Unit O' Distance)

And no, the ImpeniShield™ does not come with healing bubbles.(At least the commercial one, that is.)


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Feb 25, 2015
I'm liking the idea of build beam optimizations to improve frame rate and also a slower rotation speed.

Another thing that could be handy would be the ability to rotate the tech on all axis while in build beam without having to rotate the cab itself.
That way we could flip a tech to any angle needed which would allow us to get into any desired spot.

Would it be possible to be able to grab a whole tech that is in build beam with the mouse and place it into position on a multi tech like you would with any single block?

The main thing I would like would be being able to build inside a tech when there are blocks surrounding you. Currently the block that is hand will just disappear on me when in situations like this.

Have a good one [8D)


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May 23, 2018
Hi , a sample of my previous suggestion 4 month ago , pretty sure some things can be used in the build beam improvement.:
-Be able to select options for help building like for exemple turn invisible (or half-invisible) a group of blocks.
-It will also help to "simulate" the buble for shield and repear , without need to charge up battery , with ability to turn in a green color every block in a repear bubble (even if they are full life) , and why not an option for make half invisible "green" block (so block inside a repear bubble) , with that you will see wich block who will be healed or not by your bubbles.

So this is the ideas list of options :
-be able to turn invisible a group of block
-see bubble without charged battery
-see wich block are in the repear range
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Sep 21, 2018
I'll recycle one of my posts from the Ultimate Suggestions Thread reworded a bit:

When placing a block, make it so it places the block as normal if you click and release, but if you hold down the button and drag, it will tile the block out to your cursor position. Until the button is released, the block(s) to be placed will be shown as ghost images. Each ghost image will be green if the block-to-be can be attached in that position and you have it in your inventory, yellow if you don't have the blocks, red if the block can't be attached there. When the button is released, it places the blocks that can be placed.

I originally was thinking single dimension, but as I reworded it for this post, it dawned on me that it could also be two-dimensional. Maybe even three, but that could be difficult to make intuitive and I don't know if people need a 2+ x 2+ x 2+ brick of the same block often enough make it worth it.

This would allow for much faster building when placing a lot of the same block and would be useful on pretty much all but the smallest of techs.
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