The TerraTech Tank Challenge - Submit

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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new Community Challenge for you!

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This time we're building Tanks. They will be pitted against each other in a Battle Royal style showdown with matches of up to 25 Tanks per battle.

What do you need to do?
  • Firstly, build your Tank! Make sure it conforms to the rules outlined below.
  • Next, upload a Snapshot or link to the Steam Workshop and submit it to this thread.
  • Once we have collected all the submissions I will close this thread.
  • Tune in to the Stream (Date/time is TBC) to see your entry battle it out against others.
  • Your Tank must be under ฿฿200,000
  • No Mods - Both official and unofficial
  • No Multi-techs
  • No HoverBug
  • It can only contain ONE of these cabs:
    • GSO Cosmonaut SAP Cab
    • GeoCorp Foreman GPR Cab
    • Venture Cruz Cab
    • Hawkeye Hunter Cab
    • Better Future eCab
    • Reticule Research Pioneer Cab
  • It can only use these tracks to move:
    • GSO Techa Track
    • GeoCorp Continuous Track Right
    • GeoCorp Continuous Track Left
    • GeoCorp Continuous Track Middle
    • GeoCorp XL Continuous Track
    • Venture Ripsaw Track
    • Venture Hurricane Track
    • Hawkeye M4 Medium Track
    • Hawkeye TT12 Big Track
    • Hawkeye PX Small Track
  • One entry per person
The actual battles will take part in R&D (hopefully). 20-25 Tanks will start in a big circle, I will then enter a cheat code that sets all Techs to enemies and the chaos will ensue. Last Tank standing wins. Depending on how many entries we get will determine how many there are per round and how many total rounds we do.

  • 1st Prize: TerraTech Base game AND all DLC Packs
  • 2nd Prize: Either TerraTech Base game OR all DLC Packs
  • 3rd Prize: Your choice of ONE TerraTech DLC.
I went over these rules in more detail and did a sort of demonstration of how the battles will go down on this week's stream here.

Entries will close on the 25th of November.

This thread is for submits only. Please use the discussion thread to ask questions about the challenge.
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Dec 18, 2019
I made this yesterday, but only saw the upload area now. Anyways, here is my tank. I've managed to cram a GMB, 3 repair bubbles, 4 rapid fires, 6 hurricane tracks, some other tidbits, and even a bit of armor, for a total of 199,998 BB. (it'd be 200,001 if you change the pip machine gun for a bub spoiler). Fast and agile with few volatile blocks, it can last a fair bit. The only other notable fact about it is that the tech's orientation is backwards, which could either do it well, horribly mess it up, or do nothing.

And here's your magnet tech Matt, though I did send it on the discord, I might as well put it here to show off on Vertu.
It's a hoverbugged hovercraft that uses an LME for lift. At around 20-28% power it'll hover, and it has a large amount of magnets for quicker salvaging. Also comes with a stabilization computer so you don't drift as much.
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Nov 13, 2020
I have made my submission, which chances are wont win but I'm giving this a shot. Meet the Better Future Streamlined. Clocking in at BB198,966 and is designed after my BF Hoverbike. It contains 2 Hawkeye Shields, 10 GSO Batteries a Better Future Repair Bubble and GSO Techa Tracks
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Nov 13, 2020
my tech is on the steam work shop by sirmydas and is called tank for challenge, is 199k BB and is good:) please include it:)
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