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    For the music fans here - soundtracks! There’s two of ‘em. What are the differences?

    There’s the official soundtrack. That one contains the game cuts of my tracks - the corporation themes and their accompanying combat music - and the ambient biome themes by Holley Grey. I’m not sure if the two ambient themes I did ended up in there. There’s also my tracks for Xmas and Halloween, and the whole thing has been remixed.

 It's available here.

    Then there’s my cut - titled, funnily, “The Dave Dexter Cut” These are my versions of the themes and combat tracks. When demoing and revising, a lot of changes can get made. Sometimes it’s simply removing a banjo part or guitar lick, other times it’s an entire section that is felt to not work. The Dexter Cut restores most of those revisions, so it’s what’s in the game but with a little extra here and there. The major theme changes include extended solo sections in GSO and GeoCorp, a middle section in Hawkeye, and a new ending for Venture. Additionally, I dug out demos for Venture, GSO, GeoCorp and Hawkeye, plus some other goodies. It's available on Bandcamp, iTunes etc, and the whole thing is on Youtube to peruse:

    Ok, now back to TerraTech.
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    Thanks for posting this and explaining the differences between the respective soundtracks.:)

    Just to be sure: it would be OK (having purchased your album on Bandcamp) to use your tracks on my TerraTech YouTube videos? Without having (legitimate) copy-right issues. Credit given and links, etc, of course.
  3. DaveDexterMusic

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    I'd be delighted to be used in such a way - precious attribution is my lifeblood! - but it is Payload's copyright on both soundtracks and I should stress I cannot speak for their wishes. It does seem unlikely they would send in the law hounds, though, given other people have uploaded the standalone music to YT years ago :)

    Thank you again for the purchase, hope it's providing enjoyment.
  4. ZeroGravitas

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    That. Would. Make. Sense...:oops: Seeing as they commissioned it. (But do you personally see a higher percentage of the Bandcamp version?)

    It's just the automatic YouTube recognition algorithm that spooks me, it's a right nuisance - I've had a couple of false positives from using Creative Commons tracks, that used CC samples also used on other people's commercial track. It immediately forces on adverts with profits to the owner of the track identified, requiring the video creator to prove innocence.

    I don't think that'd happen here, but I don't understand how albums/tracks are claimed, in their system, and whether a 3rd party might, erroneously, be able to do that. (I'd hope not.)
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  5. DaveDexterMusic

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    Actually, transfer of copyright isn't a given and this is the first time I've done it! But TT is the biggest game I've worked on.

    As for YT's ad-revenue-algorithm-thing, when uploading to iTunes et al via Distrokid I had the option of allowing YT to detect usage of the music, just as you are spooked by. I didn't check that option, because potentially everyone uploading let's plays and videos that include the game music would get penalised or affected. You should have nothing to worry about by using my tracks that you bought.
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    I've heard that some YouTubers have had copyright free music cause copyright claims, due to people uploading slightly remixed versions of the music, claiming it as original, and the system being stupid and not realising the truth.

    Also, I bought the soundtrack on iTunes, because I still don't have access to a working computer, so I can listen to it anyway.
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