The TerraTech Duathlon Challenge - Submit

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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new Community Challenge for you.

In this challenge, you're going to build something that conquers both land AND air! The Duathlon Challenge will involve you building a single Tech that can complete a ground and an air race in the quickest times possible.


So how is this going to work? Good question! You're going to load it into the 'Home Run' Gauntlet and build your Duathlon Tech. You'll need to record yourself doing the course both on the ground and in the air simultaneously and in the same video. After the first run just hit 'Retry' and do the next run using the same Tech. Once you've got times that you're happy with post the video to this thread and we'll go through them on stream. I will combine both times to give you your overall time and the quickest overall time wins.

So let's go over the rules.

  • Only use one Tech for the whole challenge.
    • You cannot make any changes to your Tech between or during runs. You can change the control scheme though.
  • Build and race your Tech in the Home Run Gauntlet.
  • Complete the course both on the ground and in the air.
  • Submit one Tech per Player.
  • Record both ground and air runs one after the other in the same video.
    • Once you've completed the first run hit 'Retry' then do the second run using the same Tech.
Here is an example video demonstrating how your run should work:

  • 1st Prize - A copy of TerraTech AND all DLC
  • 2nd Prize - A copy of TerraTech OR all DLC
  • 3rd Prize - One DLC Pack of your choice
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Feel free to use the Discussion thread to talk about the challenge.

UPDATE: This challenge is now closed and the winners will be receiving their prizes shortly. GGWP all!
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Jan 21, 2016
Grounded Run - 27:897
Aerial Run - 26:826

Updated Attempt
Ground - 22:946
and 2 failed runs later. . . (skip to 1:25 for final Air attempt)
Air - 21:575
Total - 44:521
no editing to show legitimacy.

Ground 22:846
Air 21:618
Total 44:464
is probably the fastest heavy tech here
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Jan 21, 2016
After several prototypes, countless attempts and a lot of luck I managed to get a couple of back to back runs o_O

Old Run - Hover Bug Jet Bike
Land: 17.115 sec
Air: 15.781 sec
Total: 32.896 sec

The hover bug bike was fast, but rockets would make it go faster. . . .

My Fastest Run - The Rocket Wagon
Land: 12.414 sec
Air: 11.748 sec
Total: 24.162 sec

Getting two successful runs in a row with a tech that has its own ideas about what "handling" means was a real trial.
I know what you mean - It was hard to keep the tech on the ground as it jumped all over the place. Its only redeeming feature was that it was very stable in the air. Another issue that was getting in the way of victory was the collision detection on some of the wheels. There where times the wheels would cut straight into the ramp or through the base of a hill if you hit it at the wrong angle.

But in the end - win lose or draw, I had fun. So thank you to Darvin for presenting the idea and to everyone who gave it a go :D
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Nov 7, 2020
I call this tech explorer because it looks like a planet explorer
ground: 00.46:067
air: 00.41:026

i know i cannot race agaist the others but i still wanted to post this
also i used to change verission 1.3.5 from betas because there was a glitch in new verissions idk why it happens but i maybe mods caused that even i had disabled all.I triedmy best and most unique way as possible. I hope you enjoyed
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