The SkunkworX


Mindless Dominion Fleet Admiral
Nov 5, 2015
I'v noticed a lot of modded techs being posted since the Control Blocks Mod went live, and myself included, have been posting them in the discussion threads for the Mods concerning them. Hopefully this turns into a gallery of sorts of anyone's MODDED techs, so we dont have to clutter up discussions with Showcase posts.

And to start it off, My HydroFoil has been redesigned from ground up. here we are:
MSX BFHydra Mk III.png

The Mindl3ss SkunkworX Modified BF Hydrafoil Patrol Boat, Dubbed the "Hydra" is very much a successor craft to the venerable Duck Amphibious Transport. When Mindl3ss SkunkworX picked up their initial contract with Better Futures, the Envirmentally Concious corporation was skeptical of the experimental Gravitational Hydraulics developed by Aceba One Research and Design that the SkunkworX was building a reputation for implimenting. With the moderate sucess of the Needle Interceptor, a variable geometry Aerospace Superiority fighter, which though modified from a decades old BF design, proved both highly effective and surprisingly durable, if a little expensive. And the Extreamly successful Duck line of Aquatic transports featuring multiple configurations and allowing it to function as a boat, a submarine, an airplane and a very fast Hydrofoil. Better Futures Rewarded The Mindl3ss SkinkworX with a collection of new designs to Overhaul into complex multi-purpose vehicles with a n ecological and conservation focus.

The first Model released to Better futures for Mass production was the Hydra Conservation Cruiser, a medium hulled transport based on the BF HydraFoil Trimaran. Like it's predicessor, The Duck, The Hydra features a torpedoed Fuselage and a pair of Hydraulic Outriggers for stability (Arrow Left) and (Right) landing. The new Hydra features a much simpler wing design than the Duck's Piston operated sliding wing panels. The Hydra features a sleek swing wing design (Arrow Up and Down) with engines that rotate with the wings to maintain optimum thrust configuration. A Smaller Bow plane folds out from the ship's dorsal ridge (1pad and 3pad) for flight and submersion. The Ship has retractable Keels both Dorsal and Ventral (1 and 3), and features a center foil (2) for Hydroplaning. The Tail section retracts for changes in lift ratio (Zed) and an outboard motor is mounted on a turning gimbol (A and D) and it can be raised and lowered (4). Finally the craft is armed with a pair of torpedoes and a small set of retractible (5) Heat seaking Missles. features foreward (S) and Reverse (W) controls on the Water and full thrust with (Shift), Other modes use standard flight controls with the addition of geometry controls with the arrow keys. R Cycles between cockpit and observatory ports (Theres a bunch).

Initial sales were directed at conservation and municipal markets and it has proved an exceptional multirole vehicle, commonly serving as a police and fire or wilderness rescue Patrol Craft on Aquatic and Polar worlds. though it lacked some of the ruggedness of it's predecessor, the Hydra is faster, more maneuverable, and more reliable than the Duck. Though it's been in production less than a year, it is already the industry standard in Municipal multi-roll Transports, and are a favorite private shuttle for many independant scientists explorers appreciate the versitility of the Hydra. A few have even found their way into the hands of pirates, who found that, when heavily modified, thay make outstanding Pickett Fighters, particularly for systems with aquatic worlds, as no other craft transitions so smoothly from water to air to space.

Though the Hydra is Deep Space capible, it lacks a Hyperdrive and must be ferried across space in a larger transport or dock with a Hyperdrive Sled (A common configuration for private owners).

More to come from the SkunkworX