The Official TerraTech Naval Warfare Challenge - Submit

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Jan 5, 2018
Here's my submission, my massive battle tech turned battleship:
USS Continent Crusher
USS ContinentCrusher.png

Cost (In Unstable Version
It's supposed to loosely resemble the HSV-2 Swift (with my own creative liberties of course!):
1 MQOjKdR83dNhFbh22u6iww.jpeg

P.S. Hey moderators could you approve my brother @J623's submission please? He's put a ton of effort into creating his battleship and he'd really like to participate! His post is still waiting for moderator approval. Thanks moderators!
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May 8, 2020
Change of plans! My first ship has been used for scrap!
Here is my new entry; the USS Yeet MK2!
USS Yeet_2.png
It is spposed to look like one of those Submarine-Boat hybrids you seen in movies. (can you see the "propeller"?)
I truly tried my best to make it look good. It uses the Hawkeye Spec Op Skin on the workshop an the GSO Cross Corp skin on the workshop.

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Feb 4, 2019
I couldn't possibly let a naval event slip past me like this, so I've prepared a fine ship which takes advantage of the AI's tendency to amble around its target and fire a broadside. Named the HMSF Indefatigable, this fine warship takes a page out of old naval tactics in that nearly all of her heavy armament is located on the broadsides, ready to give a wallop to any foe who dare pose a challenge, all while incorporating my signature ship style! This vessel also abuses the absurd nature of the GeoCorp Megareactor Battery (Least dense of all the batteries while being extremely light, and having the highest energy density and not exploding and is cheaper than 16 HE or 4 GEO batteries in the same size... seems really OP to me, buffing the energy capacity was probably a mistake, which I will probably bring attention to in the future), while having a well protected cab.

Costing $BB 9,994,629 means she skirts the limit, but she'll bring the pain to any ship of similar size or cost, I'm on the fence about some of those chunky geo builds though.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.06.23 -


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