The Official TerraTech Naval Warfare Challenge - Submit

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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors!

It's time to get nautical! Who can build the most powerful warship?

The challenge is to build the strongest warship you can. We will then pit them against each other in a knock-out style completion to be streamed LIVE!

So how will this work?
  • Start a Co-op Creative Game
  • Build a Warship that costs less than ฿฿10,000,000 and can float on air - Use any blocks that are available in Co-op Creative
  • Submit a snapshot or Steam Workshop link of the Tech to this thread
We will then battle each Tech in a best-of-three 1vs.1 battle to the death. The winner will progress to the next round culminating in the grand final! It will look something (exactly) like this:

  • No modded blocks - Play fair
  • No Multi-techs - Your ship must consist of one Tech
  • One Cab per Ship (this includes AI Modules) - Once it's gone you're out!
  • Your Tech must cost less than ฿฿10,000,000
  • Your Tech must be able to load into a Co-op Creative game
  • Your Tech must float on air - Anti-grav is your friend
  • It must resemble a sea fairing vessel
  • Entries close 24th June
  • 1st Prize - Steam codes for:
    • TerraTech Deluxe Edition &;
    • ALL TerraTech DLC
  • 2nd Prize - Choose between a Steam Code for:
    • TerraTech Deluxe Edition OR;
    • ALL TerraTech DLC
  • 3rd Prize - Your choice of ONE TerraTech DLC Steam Code
Some additional notes:
  • Each Tech will start the battle fully charged
  • These are allowed:
    • Modded Skins - Made using Official Mod support tools ONLY and uploaded to the Stream Workshop (make it clear in your submission which mod has been used)
    • Hoverbug - If you can make it work then go for it
  • As we will be using a Co-op Creative game to host the battles your Tech can only contain blocks that are in that game mode
  • One entry per person
  • We will set each Tech to 'Enemy' and let the AI duke it out
For more details and to see how the battles will take place see this week's Stream:

Good luck and gave fun!
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Apr 7, 2020
Still no cost limits? Oh well.

I was going to scrap this Ironclad thing because it's kinda over the top. Might as well just dump it here and be done with it.
It costs more than 10M, but only has 8 battery packs and no shields at all. It does have armor though. A lot of armor.
Custom skin mod used: CrossCorp series skin pack

HCS Ironclad.png

The Ironclad above is now disqualified due new cost limit, will update with a new ship later.

HCS Battlecruiser A6.png
Just finished my new Battlecruiser A6 which costs 999,807...
Then realized the cost limit is now 10M instead of 1M. IMHO 10M might be a little bit too much. Oh well.
Will update again.

Update 2:

HCS Throneship.png

Okay I'm done updating. My final attempt is this Imperial Throneship. Total cost is $$6,722,151.
It combines the Battlecruiser's layout and Ironclad's aesthetics, with a bridge shaped like a palace, and entrance halls under the main turrets.
Stat wise it's under-armed but over-shielded. It also has difficulties hitting enemies too low or too close. I don't really expect it to win, though it should be able to put up a good fight, or at least a long lasting one.

Custom skin mod used: CrossCorp series skin pack

Edit: Some last minute tweaks.
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Jun 10, 2020
Finally, my wartechs will have a challenge! Good luck all!!

This SHOULD be my final entry, sorry if this might of been tedious to update for what ever reason. I am satisfied with it's outcome now.

"The toaster" will be found in this link that SHOULD not change. Still got 6 days to say otherwise..

Be sure to consistently charge the techs while their shields power up to maximize energy storage before the fight begins!

I am worried about the 1 cab rule. It is SUCH a weak point! I would NEVER have only one cab for any tech, redundancy is a massive combat tool. But the rules are the rules.

Sorry if it does not look too much like a battleship this time, it is more of a warship than a battleship sadly. This is due to the size and scale I went for, if the build limit was based on block count I would have extended the length of The Toaster to look a lot like a battleship and not have it be so stumpy at the rear.
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Jun 4, 2018
This is hover patrol boat "KINTOKI". "KINTOKI" means sweet potato brand in Japanese. Because it looks like sweet potato lol

-CrossCorp GeoCorp
-CrossCorp Better Future
-CrossCorp GSO
-CrossCorp Venture
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Nov 1, 2019
Here are two similar ships. Both are multiplayer compatible, and one is the player-controlled version, the other is the AI-controlled version. I already know these WILL fail one-on-one with some of these, however, battleships never traveled alone. In a pack, they are definitely NOT easy to pick off, and their fire will wreck large techs. The recoil of the four Rapid Cannons is enough to blowback the ship. It is definitely the smallest that I will submit.



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Nov 1, 2019
are you sure you guys are you during custom blocks in-game terra tech downloads on steam? :)
The other ones I have uses S. Black's custom Inv. Corner blocks that make the ship look darn seamless, and Aceba1's swivels to get odd angles. The guns and radar are Legionite's TAC pack. Attached is the screenshot of it.1591916582384.png


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Dec 3, 2019
So far I guessScreenshot (23).pngso far this is my thing, at 9.3M BB
Don't have a name for it yet though, looks a little like a stubbier version of a WWII battleship in terms of length to width ratio because of build limit. Still thinking that I need more repair bubbles.

Should at least be able to get somewhere.
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Jun 12, 2020
At the Weight of 3.417.522BB i send in the IJN Yamato.


This was only designed to be a more beauty rather than an actual combat build. So it has rather poor handling and combat ability.
Since i want to keep the original shape of the ship and dont want to construct a completely new one, i will send this ship i made a few months ago into battle just for fun.
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