The most irritating detail in late game... anchoring tech

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    Vehicle of L, XL and XXL size can't be anchored easy.
    This is L size tech and based on this one we need at least half block longer anchors. I recommend full blocks longer anchor. This is about height required from bottom of anchoring blocks to ground to be able to anchor.
    it is frustrating... try it...
    Camp Little Monster.png

    height of anchor now is exactly one block, so it is IMPOSSIBLE to anchor on anything but flat or to go pixel hunting to find top of the hill where you can anchor.

    BTW I was as***le during last stream... I regret my reactions and I am ashamed by them. Sorry to devs.

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    Totally agree. Quite annoying at times.

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    Honestly I think we would be better off going more in the direction of a extendable anchor. Like a "Mobile Anchor" for one of the corps that you could hit a key and it would extend out one or two blocks downwards. I place a lot of anchors on the bottoms of my techs and I either find myself with them too high to reach the ground or so low that its scraping the ground.

    If its too much trouble to make a block that extends, then just make a new anchor block that can anchor itself at a larger distance from the ground. Block size would stay the same, just the pole part thats generated upon anchoring would be longer to allow higher anchoring.

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