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Nov 5, 2015
I'm Back. That's right, Ye Olde Terror of the forums is back to raise Havoc and as always, BUILD BETTER AIRSHIPS!!!!

No, seriously, good to be back. been what a year and a half? Life, guys. it takes over your priorities. Don't let it find me again... And Devs, Put the pitchforks away. im just here to build. Back in the day,the prospect of being able to participate in the ongoing development of the game was an amazing notion. too good to be true if you will. and indeed it was based on my experiences. Back then it was someone's job to shut down ideas. And someone else's job to ban people for raising a concern. Don't know if the 'Hatchet Man' still lurks the forums, but if so you can tell him to leave me be. I'll just be building stuff, not producing new ideas or participating creatively and actively in the developer-player relationship. Lets just say a bad taste was left in my mouth after last time. To not end on a distasteful re-introduction, I will say I hope such relationship has improved since my previous tenure.

That all having been said, I tentatively re-join the Population, but this time as merely an observer in the process. Also as an architect and engineer. On that note, I give you the first of my new Library of Patents, The Capacitor Citadel. The Citadel is a multi-tech held in one by Explosive Bolts. Once you drop the building, assume control, Detonate, Assume control of the Center Tower and Anchor (Sometimes the tower will auto-anchor when you blow the bolts. Working on getting it to do so consistently, but I cant figure out why it sometimes auto anchors and sometimes doesn't. Other Builders? Devs? there some trick to getting it to auto anchor?)

So here it is, the Capacitor Citadel, A Joint-Venture project Between GeoCorp and Hawkeye. Geocorp Engineers required a more heavily defensible Power Core for their planetary mining operations, they turned to the Hawkeye Corporation. Hawkeye, who's engineers recognized an immediate need for more robust Power Cores in their own deployments, Jumped on the opportunity. The end result was the Capacitor Citadel. Capacitor Citadels contain a Massive Battery bank and ample Wireless Chargers configured for both Ground vehicles and low altitude Flying vehicles. A pair of Heavy SCUs flank the main tower to help clean up the area around them. Four Heavy Gatling Guns defend the tower from a High vantage point, and four more defend from the corners of the base. Each side houses a pair of Seeker Missiles. Eight Auto-cannons are situated at the top of the tower and twelve Anti-Infantry machine guns are positioned around it's base. Attached by explosive bolts is a massive Planetary Fortress Core housing at it's apex a 360 degree rotational Command Platform sporting a Hawkeye Twin Ibiks Cannon (Yes, the same weapon from the StarCraft 2 Planetary Fortress, Speculatively built by Hawkeye Military Technologies) In addition the Command platform sports quad Seeker Missiles and a pair of Cruise Missiles. The whole structure is protected by Hawkeye and Geocorp Armor Plating and Heavy Geocorp repair field generators and Hawkeye Havoc Sheilds. Initial Deployments met with mixed results as the explosive bolt system did not always center the Ibiks Turret where it could rotate freely. Engineers re-designed the core from the ground up and a slightly wider core channel fixed the problem. Deployments of the finished Capacitor Citadel tested very well in handling both heavily armed and armored techs, and small swarms of small to medium fast techs. Only the most heavily armed techs can peirce the layered Havoc shields and thick armor to damage the volatile Power Core within. The Capacitor Citadel was built with a number of external racks for mounting additional weapons systems or attaching other base components to the Power Core. In the end, Geocorp Markets the structure to various Mining companies and wealthy private sector prospectors, with Hawkeye gleaning a generous cut of the profits and full production rights for their own Military Enterprises.

The Capacitor Citadel
Capacitor Citadel_1536517033.56251.png
That's the .png, also available in the Steam Workshop. I'll go in and get some better Screenshots to showcase it.
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