The Lemon-Kingdom Dynasty of Zest [Current King ???]

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  1. Chrii_the_Vieh

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    "We were grown from roots.
    Golden times we reached with blooming trees and branches full of fruits.
    Then gloomy shadows touched the golden grove,
    brought times of chaos and discord as war broke loose.
    In darkness sprouts nourished from the ashes grew in thin lights,
    tended to by those known as the brave lemon-knights.
    Finally the kingdom reunites and prospers again
    as back they brought the golden beam of the zesty realm."
    - The fate of a Lemon Dynasty, verses by a Lemonion unknown

    Lemon Banner official.png

    This is the Lemon-Kingdom, a place of tolerance and peace.
    First of the Kingdoms of TerraTech.
    The most zesty place in the world.


    The first dynasty is over. It has seen seven Lemon-Kings during his raise and fall. Four councils guided the path of Lemonions uncounted. It's history is written here The 1st Lemon Kingdom. The great success of the Lemons was only surpassed by their great fall as they mauled themselves in times of discord and war. Dark shadows long lay beyond the golden grove. Lemony structures rotted away and crumbled down irreversibly. But in all of that, a group of Lemon Knights arose. Those zesty warriors, seeing the old kingdom crumbling to dust, decided to rebuild the kingdom of glowy zest. Today is when the Lemon Kingdom becomes reestablished by the group of heroes and remains zesty until the end of time.

    It is my duty and pleasure as one of the Golden Knights and Amber Eminence of the Zesty Kingdom to proclaim the second dynasty of the realm.

    That said, rules have to be made, a king has to be chosen and the kindom will flourish again.​
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  2. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    First and foremost, everyone with a heart of gold can simply join our Kingdom by posting these simple words and therefore shout out their will to strengthen the zesty side:


    Starting as a citrizen of the golden grove (a so called Lemonion) you can prove your worth for the kingdom and become a golden knight or even the lemon king yourself one day.

    List of known citrizens and Lemonions of the Lemon Kingdom's 2nd dynasty:

    There will be a group of leaders called the golden knights, who guard the realm and might even rule it in times with no king around or a king falling short on his duty. This group of honorable members of the Lemon Kingdom is neither elected nor chosen, but consists of those worthy of the liability.

    The golden Knights (known thus far):

    The ruler of the zesty Kingdom, the Lemon-King is the one lemon in charge, who decides the kingdoms actions. He/she will be elected by the Lemonions, or determined through contests or by proclamation.
    From the day of his inauguration, he/she shall rule for four weeks.
    After three weeks he has to announce how the next King will be found.
    If none such action is taken and hence no new king is choosen, the golden knights will take over and find a worthy king themselves.

    Lemon Kings of the second dynasty: be determined...

    Honours (jobs) of the Zesty realm:
    Grove Tender: The one Lemon in charge of the opening posts of the Kingdom and it's lore (@Chrii_the_Vieh atm).
    Lemon Bard: Composes the hymn of the Kingdom (@Olli_DXD atm)
    Master of Coin: The Lemon who is in charge for the wealth and its counting (@Potato atm)
    Air fleet commander: In charge of our flying glory (@Zargn atm)
    Ground hog: In charge of our land based defenses (@Kohta atm)

    Those jobs will be created or disabled as the need for them changes.
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  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    The Kingdom not only consists of it's followers, but is a place in the world of TerraTech itself.
    Therefore, we need your creativity and inspiration to build a realm in the TT-univers.
    The kingdom will inhabit all kind of zesty techs and awesome creations in a certain savefile tended to by one of the golden knights.

    All contributions are very welcome.

    ... savefile of the Lemon-Kingdom, to follow ...

    We now do have a thread for all the Lemon-techs and resources in our golden Kingdom:

    The Lemon-Kingdom Official Tech & Resource Stockpile
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  4. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    Space for more Lemons... :p ;) :p
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  5. The Grand Teki

    The Grand Teki Well-Known Member

    @Chrii_the_Vieh, the UESO wants an alliance with the lemons, mostly for trading purposes. What do you say? All hail the king!
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  6. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    We welcome all friendly and tolerant folk!
    We are in for trades with the UESO.

    Alliances are not necessary, we don't choose sides.
    Welcome to the zesty side @The Grand Teki .
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  7. Zargn

    Zargn Administrator TT Translator

    Im not sure if I have to say this again but, ALL HAIL THE LEMON KINGDOM!

    And I have lots of techs for the kingdom coming soon. :)

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  8. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    You are more than welcome in the second dynasty fellow Lemon @Zargn !
    Considering your efforts for the realm, I recommend to the other knights to let you join the ranks of a golden knight straight away.
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  9. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

    All Hail The Lemon Kingdom!

    I vote Yea to @Zargn joining the ranks of the other Golden Nights.

    And to all kingdoms, we would like to wish you all peace.
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  10. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    All Hail The Mighty Lemon Kingdom!
    I GamerParrish, pledge my alliegence, my loyalty,
    and my soul to protect this mighty kingdom
    from harm, and will never let thy
    Lemon Go Moldy!

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  11. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Remember how I said 58 techs reporting for duty, I wasn't kidding :3
    Hawkeye Turret.png

    A Turret To Defend Thy Borders Of The Lemony Zest!

    Tech Prison.png

    A Prison To Hold Trespassers!

    Black Bike.png

    A Black Bike For Those Who Need A Fast Getaway, Or A Fast Destruction Vehicle.
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  12. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Freedom Flyer.png

    A Plane Called "Freedom Flyer" to Show Our Right Of Freedom!

    Battle Ship GSO.png

    A BattleShip for Battles On The Northern Shore!

    Mountain Crusher.png

    AND Mountain Crusher, My Strongest Tech. Expensive to create, even more to repair. But will crush any techs that dare challenge the Lemon Kingdom!
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  13. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Mechanical Chicken.png

    A Mechanical Chicken for Distraction! Or for entertainment (He is kind of funny)

    Auto Miner.png

    Talked to GeoCorp Corporations and gave me the plans for their next big mining tech!

    The Beast.png

    The Beast A.K.A Mountain Crushers lil' bro. As strong as expensive to create. But will not let anything get by its master shields and healing bubbles. Lots of engine power and the ability to anchor itself to charge itself!
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  14. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Hawkeye Miny Tank.png

    This lil' girl named Hawkeye "Miny" Tank is sure to pack a punch! Steer Clear when she's near! A real spitfire in battle!

    X Wing NO FLY.png

    An X-Wing, not able to fly. But perfect for nerds who want to look at it (A.K.A Me)

    Earth Crusher.png

    Earth Crusher, a heavy duty forest flattener. Cheaper to produce then GeoCorps Auto Miner (Posted Above) but is perfect for taking down those forests for the generators to eat off of!
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  15. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    I think we already found a keeper for the save-file of the kingdom... it should be @GamerParrish .
    You shall find a seed to found our Kingdom from and store all those awesome techs there.
    By that, you can populate the Kingdom to start with and stop spamming techs in this thread in the same go.
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  16. The Grand Teki

    The Grand Teki Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    Triple citizenship: check!
  17. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Ok so I understood my name and that's it. What do you mean. My entire family can't even figure out what you said.
  18. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Chrii_the_Vieh Well-Known Member TT Translator

    Find a fitting creative game seed in TerraTech. (maybe "Lemon-Kingdom" ?!?)
    Establish it as the save-game for the lemon-kingdom. (go into TerraTech creative mode and save it under a proper name)
    Put all the well designed techs in this save. (self-explanatory, you can choose where to load and place them)
    Upload the save for every lemon to use. (that is, everytime techs are added through this thread)
    (I'm going to pin it to the third post of this thread and keep it updated with your updates).

    Go fellow golden knight, found our new lemon-grove!
  19. Potato

    Potato Tinkerer of Titäns

    Hail the lemon kingdom! I, Potato, a starchy denizen of this realm, shall make preparations for more Techs to defend our homeland!
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  20. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)


    Sorry for my lack of activity on my thread. I have been busy recently.:(
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