The Lemon Kingdom[Current Ruler: ???]


Nov 30, 2015
The lemon kingdom will get some of my best multi-Techs for defense. The LKDC, F79, Automatic Anti-air turrets and more!
Anyone who decide to attack the peaceful Lemon Kingdom will get to fight the "Not so peaceful" Lemon Kingdom defenses. And they will not give up without a fight.

First we have the upgraded version of the LKDC, or Lemon Kingdom Doom Cannon.
Now the turret part acually works, and aims at enemies.

How to assemble:
1. Load the LKDC Truck.
2. Load the LKDC Turret.
3. Use the build beam to place the turret over the megaton cannon on the truck.
4. Now it should be able to aim at enemies.
5. Remember to set the turret to follow.
Note: This is not made for campaign, its made to look good, not to be the best fighter. And the turret connection can break if you are not careful.


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