The Lemon Kingdom [Current Ruler: Potato]


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Apr 27, 2020
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(Last two images are snapshots of carrier and drone, respectively)
The drone carrier has been completed! With eight drones, heavy armament, a 50 mph top speed, and a tall, imposing figure, the Type 227 Drone Carrier is the ultimate projection of power across the off-world.

Features include:
-The ability to carry and service eight combat drones
-Massive solar panel array
-Heavy all-around armament: Type 45 Naval Cannons, Cyber Disc Lasers, And Zeus Lasers
-Heavy armor plating
-Massive battery capacity
-Full repair and shield coverage

May the Lemon Kingdom produce these in great numbers and put them to good use. Long Live The Lemon Kingdom!
The most prominent fact about the carrier is that it has no shields.


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Jan 15, 2017
The most prominent fact about the carrier is that it has no shields.
If you've played with the tech I am sure it most certainly has both shields and repair bubbles
For the sake of the snapshot I decided to turn both types of bubble projectors off to provide a clear image. To turn them back on, just use the BF controller blocks on the tech
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Feb 19, 2020
a very strong and very slow mech made for war but is currently not being used due to "it not being ready" and "it being too small"
(do you guys not realize that this isnt a snapshot?)
(EDIT: ok ill give you the snapshot but you need:
Raf's GEO girder blocks
LK blocks
LK weapons
control blocks


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Jul 4, 2018
Speaking of lemon kingdom blocks, does anyone know why when I load them their not yellow there just white? This happens with the GreenTech stuff too.
Put the textures with the blocks


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well, I have plans on building a sub-orbital bomber, which, if you know me by now, will have no shields or repair bubbles(I hate them, they just mess up weight balancing on airplanes). this quad-bomber, will enter the lemon kingdom first, and the main body will be mostly reserved for the LK, and maybe a few models will arise with similar bodies in ZTech. but it's mainly for the LK
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of course, TAC has saiwun as their main banner giver, but lets not talk about that. also I do want to find out how to create a banner for ZTech, as it is now one year old and has five members(altho only one is active on ZTech, and we are needing more people, as kingdoms seems to be getting more attention now)