The Improved R&D test chamber


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Dec 12, 2018
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@stickman_king_28 I do not know if the world editor mod works on the unstable builds, as I did not test it. If it does work, the up and down arrow keys are to cycle through objects, and the left and right arrow keys are for rotating. You can remind me later to try and fix it if it doesn't work.
Hmm... How do I ACCESS the world editor mods?


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Jul 29, 2018
Hello everyone!
I got a new update ready for you all!

This time I added a new final boss turret to the explosive bolt turret lane!
It is still work in progress and I think it looks very good, I'm not completely happy with how much damage it does yet, but it definitely is a fearsome foe for sure.

Because it's such a large tech, it can be quite a laggy fight, I originally wanted it to split off 4 large "orb techs" but I had to stop at 2 because it would lag too much and because the tech would be 66x66 cells large if I would've tried that, which is impossible because the max tech size is 64x64x64 cells large.

Also when bolt-based techs activate their bolts, their shields and healing bubbles deactivate and thus have to reactivate themselves again, so far this hasn't been a major issue because all bolt techs were relatively small, but because this new "boss tech" is so large, it is vulnerable for quite some time until all it's shields are back up.
I reported this issue on the forums, so I hope it will get fixed soon so that all bolt turret fights will be fairer in the future (especially the new "boss bolt turret")

I also changed the Octuple Hover Bolt tech into a skyanchor-based tech, giving it a slight advantage over the old versions.
I think I can finally say that the Octuple Bolt tech is finished. :D

I hope you all enjoy this map! and don't forget to report any issues with this map on this thread if you have any.
Suggestions are also always welcome!

You can download the new file here VVV
P.s. I also updated the download file of the main post!


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