The Hover Bother Challenge is go!


Aug 13, 2014
Hey Guys,

The new challenge is to build the fastest Hover vehicle to go around the new Hover Bother checkpoint track (coming in the next beta update). You won't need to wait to have the track in your build to still contribute and build a hover racer though you can build your hover racer in either the Terra Firma or Wing It checkpoint tracks, however you are limited in what you may use to build it to the following pieces:
  • GSO Standard block (1x1x1)
  • GSO Long block (1x1x2)
  • GSO Big Poppa fuel tank
  • GSO Popper fuel tank
  • GSO Horn steering booster
  • GSO 2x Tetrox booster jet
  • Gso 2x Tetrox mega booster
  • GSO Terraphobe hover plate
  • GSO Prop fan
  • EXP Tail wing
Feel free to use an unlimited amount of any and all of those blocks.

Here is a video detailing the track and what's expected from any hover vehicles:

The Hover Bother challenge will take place once we have collected enough entries to run it.

Once built, enter your vehicle by tweeting it from within the game using the data snapshot button in the bottom left corner of the games HUD. To make it easier for me to find entries please include '#hoverbother'.

We will ensure each vehicle is taken around the course once by each of the three judges, and we'll take an average of each lap time set by the judges to determine each entry's score.

Feel free to post your entries below in the comments of this thread too!

Good luck!
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Aug 20, 2014
This will most likely be a fun challenge. I like that we have a bit fewer parts to build with, so design will matter a bit more than the right choice of parts
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