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Oct 1, 2015
Hello new player!

This is a guide to the big game of Terra Tech, from Payload Studios.

At the start of the game, the game itself does a pretty good job of telling you the basics. Here, we are going to take it one step further; How to build a base, how to build a great Tech, and so on.

Currently, the game consists three Corps. A Corporation is basically a industry that makes different kinds of blocks. The current three ones are;
-GSO (Standard blocks you get at first.)
-Venture (Lighter blocks at the cost of health points, and stuff like proppellers)
-GeoCorp (All about heavy duty mining, much bigger blocks (2x2x2!), no guns though)

Designing a battle Tech;

At all stages of this game, you want to be prepared for battle. Making a design flaw in your Tech can be fatal one day. Here are some great tips on building a great Tech!

Tip one;
Bury your cab into your vehicle.
As you're told at the start of the in-game tutorial, your cab is where you go. You play as the controller inside of the cab; destroy the cab, destroy the controller. To prevent enemies getting to your cab quickly, we're gonna make it as bit harder for them;

Put blocks all around your cab; many people believe that the cab must go on the front. This is completely FALSE. This will make it easier for anyone to destroy your cab, so make sure your cab it protected with blocks from all sides. This will not have any impact on your view.

Tip two;
Shields & batteries
When you first encounter batteries, you'll probably get all confused. No worries; here's how to use them:

Batteries are a mobile source of electricity. You may have noticed, that when you place a solar panel onto your vehicle, it will fold into a smaller form factor, and will not deliver power. Batteries, however, can store power and provide bubbles with it; even when put on your Tech!

The main use of the batteries is power a healing/shield bubble. You charge a battery by attaching it to an anchored solar panel. The lights will indicate how much energy is in there. then, when your satisfied with the amount of energy in you battery, you can put it onto your Tech, and your healing/shield bubble will be powered. Hurray!
You can always add more batteries for a longer duration. The more batteries you have, the longer it will take for them to recharge.

Batteries are also pretty dangerous; when damaged too much, they will explode. Make sure to put them somewhere protected, and a bit away from your cab.

Tip three;
Weapon placement
In Terra Tech you will encounter lots and lots of baddies to destroy, here are some tips to maximise your efficiency on the battlefield!

Lasers should be placed at a lower spot on the front of your Tech. They can't aim that much so you will profit from placing them facing in all directions (if you have enough, that is)

Any gun that can rotate a full 360 are best placed on the top of your vehicle; they won't have any blocks in their way, meaning they can shoot in any direction. Maximum efficiency!

Tip four;
Wheels are the most simple elements of the game, although the placement of them can make a difference. If you put too much on your Tech, turning will be a pain. A small amount of wheels can make your Tech much slower, which is indicated by the wheels sparking. Here are some tips to give you a smooth ride!

If you're tech is around three (normal GSO) blocks wide, it will get stuck on a hill quite often, especially in the desert. A simple fix for this is to place a line of blocks under your vehicle, and attach your wheels to that. It will dramatically decrease the surface area touching the ground. This way you won't get stuck anymore!

The different Corps also make different types of wheels;

GSO just make the standard wheels, nothing real fancy to see here.
GeoCorp makes absolutely huge wheels, like they make huge blocks.
Venture makes their wheels just a bit bigger (two wide), and a faster, yet more slippery experience.

Tip five;
Buying & Selling
When it comes to making money, there are two ways to do it; selling blocks (from enemies) in the trading station, or gathering resources from trees and rocks. We're gonna be focusing on the second option here. The in-game Tutorial speaks of building a base with a (GSO) Delivery Cannon, and a (GSO) Refinery. Whilst looking for enemy bases, and enemies themselves, you may encounter the smaller brother of the Delivery Cannon, called the (GSO) Mobile Delivery Cannon. It basically does what it says it does; you can sell items on the go! Again, here are a few tips that will come in handy;

Putting it on your Tech with a receiver is the most basic setup you're going to get. You can make the storage bigger by adding some (GSO) Thimble Tractor Pads, get more of them Delivery Cannons, or add a refinery. I wouldn't suggest adding a refinery, as the chance of the system clogging up over time is way bigger. Keep in mind that you can also put the (GSO) Mobile Delivery Cannons sideways, so they'll take up less space. At first it may be best to go for a simpler setup, and do the advanced stuff when you get GeoCorp.

At last, keep in mind that whatever you do in the game should not be dedicated by this or other tutorials. Go ahead and do what you want, have some fun!
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