The Golden Armada


Oh hi there.
Dec 10, 2018
A place, not in space.
Welcome to the Golden Armada

If you wish to join say "Glory to the Golden Armada, may it survive and thrive!"

Now that we have that out of the way, what is the Golden Armada? Well, put simply.
The Golden Armada is a kingdom that aims to allow more freedom in techs, to allow the 'not perfect ones', we don't have one specific build style and allow modded blocks to be used. Is your tech good? Bad? Mediocre? Big? Small? Do you have some sort of massive multitech death machine? A small tech that speeds around and crashes into things? Or perhaps an airship that uses some kind of black magic? They are all welcome here.

In terms of lore the Golden Armada was originally a part of the glorious Lemon Kingdom, however for some reason we left it and struck out on our own. (who in their right mind would do this? The LK has complete healthcare!)

As I said above, we allow all techs here, of any shape, size and type.

You can find the original Golden Armada thread and the original Armada thread here, we also have a discord

In terms of how this thread was designed, I took many aspects of it from @Potato's Lemon Kingdom thread.

Currently allied with TAC, MD and Z-Tech, neutral with all else.

Current Leader: @Shidoni
GA Citizen: @Soviet_Samuelson

@Random Spaceship
@Sachiho Wolfy
I hope that this signals a new era for the Golden Armada, one that will make it prosper even more.
And Remember, Always Be Vigilant.
This thread will likely be updated a couple times as more stuff gets figured out.

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