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Discussion in 'Open' started by Jamie, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Jamie


    The upcoming crafting update will include the following changes. These are all work in progress and we're keen to hear your thoughts them.

    1. GSO, GeoCorp and Venture each get their own Fabricators & Scrappers and all of their blocks will be craftable and scrappable.
    2. Each corporation only requires one Fabricator to craft their full range of blocks. The ability to craft higher grade blocks is determined by licence grade.
    3. You can give orders to your Fabricator for what to craft and it will call for the required ingredients from any connected Silos or conveyors to complete the recipe.
    4. Fabricators now consume inputs one by one instead of waiting them all before starting.
    1. Will refine any resource that goes past it's input.
    1. Creating and adding to conveyor loops is significantly improved.
    2. Blocks no longer belong in holding beams (this includes conveyors) at all. Fabricators spit blocks onto the floor, Scrappers take from the floor.
    3. There are new conveyor blocks for passing resources on to different axis.
    4. The alternator is being promoted from EXP.
    5. The UI graphics that show conveyor connections and passing directions are being improved.
    1. Several crafting blocks get new models to suit their new functionality.
    2. Crafting blocks feature new UI Menus, many of which will help suggest possible uses for different items.
    3. Special hat and colour blocks are not craftable or scrappable, neither will Experimental blocks.
    4. Scrap Magnets receive improvements to the physics code to make them more usable.
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  2. Dellamorte

    Dellamorte Well-Known Member

    I hope we can turn off block pickup on the scrappers or things could get stupid.
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  3. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    I hope Corp Scrappers only pick up their own blocks, cannot automate filtering the blocks so end up with having to manually sort blocks before scrapping... :/
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  4. matik2002

    matik2002 Well-Known Member

    So that means the GeoCorp fabricator & scrapper will look like goliaths? And Venture ones will look like miniature GSO fabs?

    And that silo thing looks good. Since the bigger silos will accept blocks from any side, then at least they should work like the old silos before 0.5.12, that means they won't be sorted. But it's up to the devs.

    I forgot that the SCU acts as a block silo. And thanks for the UI thing.
    Thank devs for the new crafting block models. and thank them for the UI stuff related to crafting. Also, thank them for the improved Scrap Magnets. No more conveyor blocks breaking and probably no more Megatons eating half of the Tech after a misfire...
  5. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Some of the GSO recipes use 20-30 ingots, hate to imagine how many resources the GC will use.

    Silos won't accept blocks at all. Blocks won't have any movement or storage on the conveyor system (which includes silos). I think silos will still only store each resource separately but you'll be able to expand storage by adding more silos to existing ones as opposed to having to add new filters/conveyors as you do now.
  6. BroBane

    BroBane Well-Known Member

    Really? If it did, my game would LAGGGGG
  7. The Ninjaneer

    The Ninjaneer Well-Known Member

    You can give orders to your Fabricator for what to craft and it will call for the required ingredients from any connected Silos to complete the recipe.
    thanks a lot O.O
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  8. DragTank1

    DragTank1 Well-Known Member

    )))))))))))))) Waited.
  9. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    How soon are we are to getting the update
  10. Olli_DXD

    Olli_DXD Räksmörgås TT Translator

    Has been! As you might know by playing the newest stable.
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  11. BroBane

    BroBane Well-Known Member

    the big question is; When?
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  12. matik2002

    matik2002 Well-Known Member

    GC goliath blocks would eat very much ingots.

    Also, by "blocks" I actually meant resources.
  13. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Next Stable Update I think is supposed to be the AI update, so the one after that. If the current schedule holds then I'd expect in about 2 months... :(
  14. Jamie


    We don't have an exact date yet - but it will likely follow the AI update.
    It's important that we all get this difference stuck in our heads:
    Blocks = Blocks you can attach to your Tech.
    Resources = Resources that come from trees and rocks around the world.
    Chunks/Bits/Minerals = NOTHING ;)
  15. Mitchell Bush

    Mitchell Bush Well-Known Member

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  16. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Though to be fair resources are listed as Chunks in the saves... :/
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  17. matik2002

    matik2002 Well-Known Member

    Blocks - What you put on your Tech.
    Resources - Stuff that comes out from rocks and trees.
    Chunks - "Resources" for devs.
    Bits - Bits of blocks after destruction ;)
    Minerals - Erudite, Ignite, Celestite.
  18. Jamie


    There are many words used in-house or in the back end of game files. Ignore those :)

    The SCU is still called the Heart Block in the project haha.
  19. FightBiscuit

    FightBiscuit Well-Known Member

    I have a question:
    Which sizes will the new crafting blocks have?
    I know that the Refinery ist 2x2x2, the Fabricator 2x3x2 and the Scrapper 2x2x2,
    but I`m curius which size the Foundry will have.
  20. zanzistar

    zanzistar PAYLOAD STUDIOS

    Hi @FightBiscuit,

    We will not have a Foundry for the time being. We decided that crafting was probably complicated enough with Refineries and Fabricators, without the need for the extra layer of alloys. We me introduce a new one in the future, if we have need of another layer, but for now we will go without.
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