Please Read The Forum Strike System.

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Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
The Forum Strike System.
If the Dev team or moderators feel that someone is acting against the forum rules and guidelines, having a negative impact on the game's community or generally be nuisance -- we will issue you with a strike. You will be DM'd with an explanation as to why you are receiving the strike.
  • Level 1: Warning. No effect on forum activity - but any further negative activity will up the severity of your standing in the strike system. This strike level will last indefinitely.
  • Level 2: Permanently unable to create new threads, like posts or edit existing posts. Therefore unable to enter Live Stream challenges.
  • Level 3: Permanent view only mode. You will no longer be able to participate in the forums. While you can still view and read what other players are posting -- you will have no way of joining in on the conversation and sharing your thoughts. This level of strike will last indefinitely.
Discussing another player's Strike System status publicly is not permitted. Players issued with warnings can discuss them with a member of Payload Studios if they feel like they have been given unfairly via DM.

Any Canaries or Moderators issued with a strike will lose their status.

We obviously hope to never have to use this new system - but having it in place will hopefully help improve everybody's time hanging out on these forums.
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