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Jun 24, 2017
Near a duck pond in Britain
[Wall of text ahead]

(I apologize for having two months of inactivity, but I was burnt out of TerraTech and also had exams going on, but I am back now.)

Due to a bug with the throttle controls and our new stabilisation system causing trouble with airship lift units, the system will now be removed from all large airships. Smaller airships like the Sky Frigate MKIII will continue to have the stabilisation system in place.

Our engineers have also made a replacement for the aging Dire Wolf assault cruiser. It was the first of our fleet to use new building techniques and technology, but unfortunately problems with its extreme fragility and high cost have rendered it obsolete.
Dire Wolf MKII.png
This is the MKII version. It has been completely redesigned to have significantly better shielding and has had its internal systems updated to make it easier to maintain in the future (there is now space on both ends of the airship for blocks used to tweak the CoM). It has also had an overhaul of its weapons and gyros to make it cheaper while still keeping it effective in combat. Compared to its predecessor, it is now around BB 800,000 cheaper, despite being much larger and having more batteries. It also looks cool.

There is also a new fighter, the Trident.
It is designed to be more heavily armed and armoured than the Spear and Thunderbird, our current fighters, while still keeping the same good agility. It flies at a respectable 128mph, with 4 Avalanche missiles and 1 Seeker missile pod as its main armament. There are plenty of attachment points on the bottom of the Trident for mounting weapons, making it a versatile craft.

P.S. I'm updating the first few posts to make them easier to read, so they will look broken for a while.
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