Terratech tabletop (resurrected)


Mindless Dominion Fleet Admiral
Nov 5, 2015
so a while back BitMage I beleive (don't quote me on that) posted the initial concept, to which I revealed that I had been working on a tabletop rule set. Well. I have been. And it's just about ready. Well ready enough for me to start posting content.

It's written in my own ground up tabletop system I'm currently calling the Tens System. Its core function is to relate video game concepts to a practical, 3 dimensional, fully interactive environment. So previous tabletop formats are largely based around much older games stemming from the 70's and 80's. After years of trying to adapt old systems to newer digital frontier concepts, iv gone back to the drawing board. This system is evolved from video games to make video games playable on the tabletop, and iv tested it on video games. Iv been play testing Starcraft, unreal tournament, and myst, (old games, but hey, they all work well) so I'll leave you guys hanging there for now. Unfortunately I can't say much more about it just yet as far as how it works. I'm in the process of publishing it and once I get my copyrights settled, I'll open access to the full game. It is also at its core an attempt to backstab the overpriced tabletop industry, as I intend to release regular new content in an ever expanding game concept, lots of regular free content, and free major updates when they come out.
Sounds familiar. :rolleyes:

Speaking of Terratech. I would like to, perhaps in the near future start a conversation with payload about content inclusion and what liscensing would need to, or even could happen, but one step at a time. I have have to actually make my product a product before I can start making it a better product.

On that note, Im gonna go ahead and start writing T4 (terra tech table top) into a format I can give you guys to play. If I can reach an agreement with payload to market T4, it may end up on the shelves. Wouldn't that be nice. it would benefit from the same kind of community support and interaction as Terratech does. As would the entirety of the Tens System. either way certain things need to finish processing before I can even have that conversation anyways, so it's all hypothetical just yet. Think of this as "Early Access".

i can use R&D to work out the stats for each block, but an official stat sheet would make my life a thousand times easier. I could also use stats for in game objects. And critically I would need to know a few things about how blocks are when they are combined with other blocks as compared to how they are when they are separate. Basically just some world building questions.

Anyways. Consider this your spoiler. Content coming soon.

Disclaimer: until I have that conversation with payload, all content pertaining to Terratech is 100% open access and free to public. I am not trying to step on anyone's toes. Also I am not making any money off of Terratech in this process, so... Yeah. This is all very... Conceptual, until I find out and address what co operations are even possible.

Oh yeah and I update way faster than payload does :cool:, so expect a teaser by tonight.

That's all for now. Mindl3ss out.