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Aug 4, 2020
I have an idea for Terratech. This could be huge. Terratech:Spelunker could be an update in which there is an entire underground system underneath the planet's surface. There is a new corporation called spelunkers. Their main color is brown. They sell wheels designed to grip terrain and even drive up walls. They also design powerful digging tools for maximum spelunking efficiency and weapons unlike any other. They design their blocks to create large, durable machines capable of holding up huge drills and withstand some gunfire. They also make armor plating to keep rocks (and other techs) from damaging your tech's systems. Their smallest digging tool is the spelunker's drill. A small drill tipped with diamonds capable of mining even the hardest of materials. However, it is small enough that it can't break walls, large rocks which block entryways to caves. Next there's the hammerhead, a forwards-facing jackhammer that looks like a hammerhead shark. It can shatter materials and blocks in an instant and also break through walls. Then there's the most useful tool, the forge grinder. This trio of drills is connected to a refiner which will instantly refine mined materials when powered. Then there's BIG TOM. the largest drill ever conceived by the human mind. Even larger than the geocorp thresher. It will instantly tear down anything your enemies build. There's the vacuum, a device that sucks up chunks and stores them. Using the reticule, you can attach the vacuum to other devices using pipes. You can use a pipe extender to stretch them further. Now for the wheels. First there's the underdog all-terrain wheel. A small wheel with studs on the top so you can mount it directly on the bottom of your tech. It also has special friction systems which keep your tech on the road at all times. Next there's the spider wheel, a powerful wheel which has a special system which combines friction with magnetism to create a wheel that can drive your tech up walls! Then there's the fortress wheel, a large wheel with armor plating to protect it from gunfire. Then finally, there's the big wall trucker, a massive wheel that can climb up walls like the spider wheel, but larger and more durable. There's a grappling hook, a powerful weapon which when fired, will pull you towards it's landing point. It will also pull you towards larger techs and pull smaller techs towards you. And there's the geode plow, a large plow which looks like a quarter of a dome that can carry a lot of blocks and chunks. That's all i have for ideas, if you have any for the spelunker update, reply to this thread!


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Aug 12, 2018
It is a bit of a rant, and a name change is probably in order.. but the Idea itself sounds pretty good.