TerraTech forum privacy rating


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Feb 10, 2015
Cairns, Australia
@Matt @DoubleThePsycho I am a person who likes to take internet privacy seriously and as such I use some tools to look at what sites are doing. One tool I like to use as a quick guide is DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials on Chrome. It rates sites with an alphabetical ranking with A being best, TerraTech Forum gets a solid B.

That being said I would like to see it be better. You may note from the screenshot I clipped and pasted above it mentions that the forum has an Unknown Privacy Practice. I do not this forum to be doing anything naverious but it did however highlight the fact that I have not noticed a privacy policy statement on the forum.

As I said I don't think that this is a big deal but I do thing myself and other might appreciate a clearly posted and understandable privacy policy to set the more paranoid amongst us at easy.

Edit: I did find the privacy policy on TerraTech's website under the "Legal" tab but I do think it would be nice to see a link to this on the forum too.
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