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Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
The TerraTech FAQ - Have a question? Read our full FAQ here! (Please read the full FAQ before contacting us as we receive a lot of the same queries on a daily basis.)

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I recently bought the R&D pack but can't access the test chamber. How do I do this? Once you have purchased the R&D pack and installed it, you can access the test chamber by clicking one of the arrows at the top of the start menu. This should change the banner title from "Story Mode" to "R&D Test Chamber". You can then launch the test chamber by clicking the start button.
  • Whenever I try to play my game, I'm getting a drop in framerate and the game runs slowly. How can I fix this? Firstly, make sure that your computer meets the minimum specifications by checking here. Sometimes, you may encounter a bug that then causes the error log file to get spammed with errors. If you think this may be happening, please send the TerraTech log file to help@payloadstudios.com (details of its location can be found in step TTG-009 of the TerraTech troubleshooting guide.)
  • When are we going to see multi-player? We are currently working on the initial phase of multiplayer to determine what is actually possible with a decent level of low latency. Once this phase has been completed, we can then start thinking about the different types of multiplayer modes we can add for TerraTech.
  • I only seem to be getting the same invader in my game, how do I get more Invaders? TerraTech includes an initial set of Invaders at varying sizes to compete against varying sizes of the player's Techs. You can encounter additional invaders by allowing TeraTech to link to your Twitter account which allows invaders sent from other players to invade your game. You can do this by following our guide here.
Questions about the full game:
  • Is TerraTech suitable for young children? We believe that TerraTech is suitable for children of ages 7 and up. You can read more details on this topic here.
  • What is coming in future updates of TerraTech? We constantly discuss some of the things we're focusing on in the lead up to the 1.0 release in this forum and on the Steam forums. We are always listening to what the community have to say about what they want to see in TerraTech: suggestions for new features should be posted and discussed on our official forums here.
  • How do I get in contact with the dev team if I am having problems with running TerraTech?If you're having trouble running TerraTech or have encountered a bug, you should send your output.log and game save to help@payloadstudios.com, with a description of the issue and full system specification, so that we can look into the issue for you. Alternatively, you can create a post in the forum describing the issues you're having and other members of the community can offer further support or information.
  • What platforms will TerraTech be available for? TerraTech is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux. Once TerraTech is near completion for 1.0, we'll plan for console versions and for tablets.
  • What are the system requirements for TerraTech? Take a look at the System Requirements section of TerraTech’s Steam page here!
  • When will the AI be fixed? We've recently made some improvements to the AI but there is a long way to go. It's high on the priority list but there are a few other big tasks we want to get in before that - so stay tuned!
  • Will I be able to make automated crafting set ups in TerraTech?Definitely! The crafting system will be getting a lot of attention ahead of 1.0 and this is something that is clearly wanted by the community. We'll be adding things like filter blocks, directional conveyors and inputs/outputs to crafting pieces which will lead to some interesting and intricate designs!
  • When will the final version of the game be released and will it be on Steam or Humble? We are aiming for early next year and, yep, it will be available through both Steam and Humble!
  • You've got a lot of mobile experience, why aren't you leading with mobile? This is something we've been asked a few times and, as a result, have taken to the web to answer. You can read studio founder Russ Clarke's take on TerraTech on mobile here. Essentially, we haven't ruled out TerraTech popping up on mobile, but we want to put our current time and resources towards PC and Mac to ensure the game shines at launch.
  • What's the object of the game? Good question! To become the master of the off-world! What? You want more than that? You play the role of an intergalactic miner exploring new worlds looking for natural resources to harvest, process and refine to send back to Earth. The really fun part, however, is that you have to piece together the vehicles you use to do that. Like 'Lego on an alien world', each vehicle you build is made up of scores of different blocks – some with wheels on, some with weapons on, some with rockets to help you fly. As such, you can pretty much create anything your imagination can come up with. What's more, you're not the only one doing it, either. Scattered across these alien lands are rival miners, and you'll be tasked with taking them out before they attack your base. Neatly, once you've scattered their pieces across the battlefield you can pick them up and strap them onto your own vehicle, like an upgrade on the go. Initially, you're just trying to survive and accumulate valuable resources, but as you progress through the game, you'll discover fresh elements of the story that will lead you in new directions...
  • How can I stay informed? Make sure to either like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. That way, you'll know our news (almost) as soon as we do!
  • Where's the forum? Here it is!
  • What are the system requirements for TerraTech? Take a look at the System Requirements section of TerraTech's Steam page here!
  • What is a Canary? Canaries are members of the community that get sent updates a few days before they go live to the public in order to test them and report back any potential issues.
Questions about the Early Access release:
  • How much is the Early Access version of TerraTech? ($/£/€) The Standard Edition of the game costs $19.99/£14.99/E19.99 and the Deluxe Edition is $28.99/£20.99/E28.99. You are able to upgrade from the Standard Edition for $9.99/£6.99/E9.99.
  • What's included in the standard edition of the Early Access version of the game? The latest development version of the main game, including regular free updates up to the release of the final game. You'll also get copy of the final game when it's released later this year.
  • What's included in the Deluxe Edition? Everything in the standard edition plus access to the R&D Test Chamber, featuring the latest experimental content being developed for possible inclusion in the final game. You'll also get exclusive access to our private forum areas to give us your thoughts and feedback.
  • How often will Early Access versions of the game be updated and how will I access them? Approximately every two weeks, and the game will be updated automatically via Steam.
  • I bought the Humble beta - will I have to buy it again on Steam? You can get a Steam key from the Humble Store, at no additional cost, to allow you continue playing the latest version via Steam, if you prefer, along with an additional Steam DLC key for people who have bought the Deluxe Edition or R&D Pack.
  • I bought the Humble beta but I'd rather play the game on Steam – can I get a Steam key now instead? You should find a link to your Steam key when you log into your Humble account or go to the URL of your Humble key.
  • I'm an original game backer or Kickstarter backer, playing TerraTech on Steam already – do I get this version for free? How do I access it? Your Steam key will still be valid for Early Access so you just carry on getting updates at no extra cost.
  • I'm an original game backer or Kickstarter backer but haven't yet accessed a build – how do I get one now? You should have already received a Steam key via email and even if you haven't activated it yet, it should still allow you to access the game now. If you haven't received a Steam key, please email help@payloadstudios.com with details of the email address you used to back TerraTech.
  • Can I still buy the game via Humble and support your chosen charities? Yes; you can buy the Humble version of the game via the Humble Store to support their usual range of charities. You will still be sent a Steam key to access the game or have the option to download a DRM-free version.
  • Can I buy the game directly from you using PayPal or other payment methods? Unfortunately, no. Early 2015 changes to tax laws in the EU have meant that it's now prohibitively complex for us to process direct payments via our website, and all our sales must go through an official store, in our case Steam and Humble for now. Currently both stores accept a variety of payment methods though so check direct with them as to which you can use.
  • How long will you be in Early Access? Until we're confident that we've got an awesome full game for version 1.0! We're expecting this to happen towards early next year.
  • I've paid for the game, but I can't seem to access it, can you help me find it?Firstly, did you purchase TerraTech from the Steam Store or the Humble Store? TerraTech should be in your games library. Here are links to help you find out where your purchase is: Steam Store Humble Store
Other Questions:
  • How do I connect my TerraTech game account to my Twitter account? You can see how to connect your TT game account to your Twitter account by clicking here!
  • I really like the look of TerraTech and would like to play it on my Twitch/YouTube channel, how can I get a code? It depends upon the amount of regular views/subscribers you have. We normally look at around 20,000+ subs on YouTube and 10,000+ followers on Twitch. If you fit this bracket then you can either email us at info@payloadstudios.com or give us a tweet and we can go from there. If you don't fit that group don't worry, we can still check out your channel and let you know, but please be aware that we only give away codes sparingly.
  • I'm a YouTuber/Streamer - can I post footage of the game on my channel and can I monetise it? Of course! We encourage all YouTubers/Streamers to monetise footage of our game. In fact – if you set your 'now playing' setting to TerraTech on Twitch, we'll notify all players that you are currently live in-game.
  • Are there any expectations for how the community should behave written anywhere? Yes! You can read our Expectations of the TerraTech Community here.
  • The answer to my question isn't here. Where can I get more help? Send us an email with any questions you have to help@payloadstudios.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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