TerraTech doesn't recognize controller or game save after ps4 6.0 update.


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Sep 13, 2018
I'm just trying to confirm my suspicion that the current version of TerraTech is not compatible with the current PS4 software that was just released. I was prompted this morning to do an update on my ps4, the version 6.0 update. After I did all that, I opened TerraTech up and it was kind of acting like it was on PC. The main menu from top to bottom reads TerraTech, [your profile], NEW GAME, MULTIPLAYER (grayed out), CREDITS, OPTIONS, and a sort of banner on the bottom that says [return] Select. PS4 controller will not respond at all, save for the PS button, and it did not list the load option in the menu. I have internet access (obviously) and TerraTech had no updates available. I just unlocked maxed GSO in campaign and need some peace of mind that my game save is just not being recocnized because TerraTech just needs an update or something.