TerraTech Community Round-up: The Best Vehicles from the Week



As we update the Beta, so your creations – shared with us via social media – continue to get more and more fantastical.

We’d say that it can’t be a coincidence, but then that would make us look like we’re trying to take credit for your amazing creativity. (We totally, totally are.)

With the caveat that the creators behind all the craft below have made us extremely jealous – many of the vehicles produced by the TerraTech team would better serve as door stops, to be frank – here’s our latest rundown of the best contraptions created by you clever folk:

Super Fly by @OnlyDragonLord

Is it us, or is there something hypnotising about the back end of this flying machine?

Barge by @Dougal121

We don’t know whether to run away from Barge screaming or ask it to screw in some shelves in the office.

Star Scream by @liorbig

As beautiful as Star Scream is, we can’t see this getting clearance for landing at Heathrow.

27 flat by @Cupids_Conquest

The last time we saw something this small and cute, Kris was flexing his 'biceps'.

Mega Derp by @Cupids_Conquest

A second one from @Cupids_Conquest here, and we suspect this craft may not have been long for this world after this screenshot was taken.

Get your entries in via Twitter for next week’s entry. Simply take a screenshot and upload it along with the hashtag #MyTerraTech for a chance at making our next rundown.
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