TerraTech Community Round-up: The Best Vehicles from the Week



Another week goes by in the world of TerraTech and you, our dedicated players, never fail to let us down.

Once again you’ve served up a collection of interesting contraptions across social media for us to gaze upon and, as is now customary, we’ve decided to piece together some of our favourites.

Starting with…

LOL by @haessicheF

This vehicle may be named ‘lol’, but we don’t think it’s a laughing matter…

Airship by @liorbig

Does this look familiar? We tip our hat to @liorbig for mastering the ‘classic’ design for his latest flying machine.

MechA by @refinedskillz

We’re not sure whether we want to run away from MechA or lie down on it.

Renderbreaker by @cupids_conquest

We'd venture a guess that @cupids_conquest is enjoying our new Venture blocks.

Painkiller by @XblueDivision

The stuff of nightmares. Unless you're a JCB enthusiast, in which case Painkiller is probably something of a dream come true.

Get your entries in via Twitter for next week’s entry. Simply take a screenshot and upload it along with the hashtag #MyTerraTech for a chance at making our next rundown.
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