TerraTech Community Round-up: The Best Vehicles from the Week



Another week, another chance for us to check out the best creations made by our dedicated, talented, and you could argue brilliantly unhinged TerraTech Beta players.

This week saw a flood of new entries thanks to the TerraTech stand at EGX in Earls Court, London, with players from across the UK flooding into the indie section to, amongst other things, take on the latest TerraTech build and get their creative juices flowing.

To all those who along to say hello, thanks for playing and we hope to see you at the next event too. Keep an eye on our social media feeds to find out where else we'll be showcasing in the months ahead.

For now, however, here are some of the best vehicles you guys and girls have put together during the last seven days, starting with...

ROCK BEAST by @FrednikSaldert

This truly is the stuff of nightmares. We're not sure we'll ever be able to sleep soundly again.

ICANFLY!!!!!!!! by @TerraTechShow

One of our EGX entries here, with our anonymous contributor popping by the stand to serve up this mammoth effort which, if its name is to be believed, can fly.

PLOUGH by @TerraTechShow

And from one extreme to another. Another EGX contribution, Plough earns its place in our list purely for being a bit cute.

BOOSTJET by @TerraTechShow

There's something ever so slightly World War II about this EGX contribution here – well, if they'd had a few more boosters back in the 1940s, we guess.

SIMPLISTIC by @Ranjamillion

Simplistic by name, simplistic by nature. We don't know how @Ranjamillion's effort would fair in our Sumo Showdown, but he wins plaudits for his design being a bit beautiful.


We like a bit of symmetry here at TerraTech, and @Alf79791's effort certainly scores highly on that front.

Get your entries in via Twitter for next week’s entry. Simply take a screenshot and upload it along with the hashtag #MyTerraTech for a chance at making our next rundown.