TerraTech Community Round-up: The Best Vehicles from the Week



As Beta players will know, half the fun in TerraTech is showing off the crazy contraption you've pieced together to rival players...often milliseconds before they start chipping away at it with rapid fire.

That's why taking a screenshot of your latest vehicle and sharing it with the world across Twitter is the best way to ensure it's been immortalised for ever more. It's also the best way to get our attention, which is why we've put together some of our favourite picks our Beta players have posted from the last week:

This entry from @neotheshitman is likely an obsessive's dream. Why mix up the design when a bit of replication does the trick just as well?

Well, you wouldn't want to meet @PledgerJack's Sumo Showdown entry down a dark alley, would you? Nicely weighted towards the front, this would be no easy take-down.

This strange contraption from @kleinersebl certainly looks like it'd fit in on the off world. And take off pretty sharpish, too.

If symmetry isn't your thing, then this intentionally hectic entry from @LucasLacasse could be right up your street.

This entry from @Tony_Penev might be labelled as a Kamikaze missile, but we personally think it's a bit to pretty to destroy.

Get your entries in via Twitter for next week's entry. Simply take a screenshot and upload it along with the hashtag #MyTerraTech for a chance at making our next rundown.
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