TerraTech are no longer supporting 32-Bit

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jamie, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Jamie


    With the run up to TerraTech 1.0 -- we have been looking into where the best areas focus our development efforts are. 32-bit builds are something we have released since day one, and supporting these builds with testing and bug fixing takes up a small, but considerable chunk of our dev time.

    After looking into the number of players that actually run TerraTech in 32-bit (see the red line below...), we have decided to no longer support this version of the game.

    We hope the small amount of players that were on this OS are able to upgrade/get hold of a 64-Bit computer to enjoy all the upcoming awesomeness in TerraTech :)
  2. Telemak

    Telemak Well-Known Member

    Ok !!! what are the other colors for ?
  3. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Does this include multiplayer :3
  4. BroBane

    BroBane Well-Known Member

    I feel like all this is doing is stopping sleep deprived people from downloading the 32 bit version
    Man, I hate doing that
    Gone for the better I guess
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  5. Jamie


    Those are the other operating systems. Mac OS, Windows 64 etc.
  6. AndreSaM

    AndreSaM New Member

    Yeah but whats the difference of 32bit and 64bit
  7. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    32-bit systems can only use a maximum of ~3.5gb of RAM and can only use older, less resource intensive programs. 64-bit systems with 64-bit CPUs can theoretically use up to 256tb of RAM, which is more than you can cram into your average desktop computer.
  8. FightBiscuit

    FightBiscuit Well-Known Member

    nope, 64bit supports up to 16 Exabyte RAM
    the 32 and 64 implies how long the adress of a ram register is. with 32 bit, you have an Adress with 32 ones and zeros. The 4GB limit is because 32 Characters with 1 and 0 have only 2^32 different combinatons
  9. Gameslinx

    Gameslinx Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I remember doing an investigation into how 32 bit computers cannot actually run TerraTech for very long before crashing (based off my RAM usage ingame without a 32 bit computer).

    This doesn't mean you can go crazy with massive textures, though ;) :)
  10. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    I know, but from my quick Google search, 64-bit CPUs can only use up to 256tb of ram. Then again, multiple CPUs can be used.
  11. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    It's 16 exabytes, theoretically speaking. 32 bit only has 2^32 bytes which is equal to 4 gigabytes, but 64 bit has 2^64 bytes which is equal to 16 exabytes which also is equal to 16.8 million terabytes.
  12. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    Yes, the software can handle 16 exabytes, but the hardware might not.
  13. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    and the total address range for the two bittages of the operating systems INCLUDES the video cards ram, roms, bios and other I/O which come OUT of the total address space which is why on 32 bit operating systems the MAX available ram is of the close order of 3.5gb.
    and as quackduck said the theoretical ram addressable is 16 exabytes by software, BUT currently available hardware limits this to a mere 256gb
  14. Dellamorte

    Dellamorte Well-Known Member

    This is not true, I have seen server boards capable of 2TB of RAM, here is a link to Tyan's current product range and the largest they sell is 2TB but I think there are others on the market that can handle more. I know there are some boards that are either out or coming out that are sideways expandable and can share the full memory from each mobo to the next so if you have the money the sky's the limit.

    TTOTALMAXOUTT breaker of techs, games, and spines (my own)

    lol 32 bit vs 64 bit but still not even close

  16. Telemak

    Telemak Well-Known Member

    I owned a 64 bits computer in the 80's :D
  17. Dellamorte

    Dellamorte Well-Known Member

    What type? As far as I know the only 64 bit systems from back then were supercomputers and the first mainstream 64 bit systems were RISC based devices such as the DEC Alpha that came out in the 90's and cost about the equivalent of a years wages. Most systems were either 16 or 32 bit until the late 90's that is why the Nintendo 64 was such a big deal when it came out in '96-'97.
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  18. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    perhaps telemak was talking about 64 hardware pieces to build the computer (but again this is implausible at best as even the ram was at most 8 slots (except on server class and mini's and mainframes) usually 4 slots.
    in my opinion telemak is talking about the RAM size as 64KB was the max ram that the 8 bit cpu's could address without complex hardware tricks eg bankswitching via a io port, and for the 16 bit the ram limit was around the 2MB of ram with the available ram sticks being 32kb and most boards only mounting 4 sticks (again the exceptions being the 'workstations' and servers boards that supported more than 1 cpu)
  19. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty Well-Known Member

    Chances are high that they are thinking of 64 of something else. Esp given the language issues.

    Though, they could have owned a Cray, but that is unlikely.
  20. Gayvid`

    Gayvid` Yes, I'm a well-known member

    imagine making that a ram drive, lol

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