TerraTech 1.4.8 update is now available on Steam


Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a brand new update for you. Don't worry this is an actual update.

Update 1.4.8 introduces a new Venture Cross Country Time Trial as well as some tweaks to the older Venture races.

Suzie Vroom is really putting you through your paces in the new Cross Country Time Trial. It's a bumpy one so come prepared with backup front spoilers!

We've also adjusted the old Venture race missions so they now spawn in places that will make them easier to complete.


New Features/Content:
  • Added new mission Venture Cross Country
  • Updated all old Venture race missions to use the new mission system. They should now spawn in areas that make them easier to complete.
  • Added mod loading bar for game modes that need mods installed.
  • Added "More button" to modded corporation unlock screen in modding tool.
Design Tweaks:
  • Rename "Icon" to "Logo" for corporation editor in modding tool.
  • Adjust ring heights for a couple of the Venture aerial tracks to prevent them getting too close to the ground.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Modded blocks and guns not aiming at enemies.
  • Text Wrapping bug fixed in mission log.
  • Fixed issue with remote chargers and the maximum number of Techs.
  • Auto-fix corporation skin references when loading the modding tool.
  • Remove waypoints if it was pointing at a destroyed Tech.
  • Added vision and aimer components to modded cabs.
  • French Text Wrapping fixed on rewards crates in deathmatch.
  • Fixed spelling mistake in modding loading bar
  • Adjusted long German names to wrap correctly in text boxes.
  • Adding and removing mods caused issues with the game. This should now be fixed.
Localisation Update:
Translations have been updated for various languages:
Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:
  • Vakmix
Known Issues:
  • After players have uploaded a modded skin, block or corporation to Steam, TerraTech may not boot up. To remedy this players will have to restart Steam and the game should run normally.
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Dec 7, 2019
Ukraine, Odessa
when will there be a PLAYING COOPERATIVE ??
How much longer to wait ??
What are your plans at all ???
Should players wait for this at all ???