TerraTech 1.4.12 update is now available on Steam


Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new update for you!

Add some transparency to your Techs with 7 new Reticule Research Window blocks!

There are also 6 new Panel Blocks so your base structures can look more base-like.

New Features and blocks:

Window blocks:

  • Reticule Research Window Panel
  • Reticule Research Extended Window Panel
  • Reticule Research Window Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Extended Window Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Window Corner Panel
  • Reticule Research Single Bracket Window
  • Reticule Research Duel Bracket Window

Panel blocks:
  • Reticule Research Wall Panel A
  • Reticule Research Wall Panel B
  • Reticule Research Extended Wall Panel
  • Reticule Research Wall Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Wall Corner Panel
  • Reticule Research Bracketed Wall Panel
Added feature:
  • Added more AI controlled Techs to menu screen

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a reported graphical issue with the displays on the autominers.

Localisation update:
Translations have been updated for various languages including updated translations for our Chinese, Czech, French and Japanese players:
Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:
  • DrShadox
  • yukke
  • ZombieSpider
  • 光轲

Known Issues:
  • After players have uploaded a modded skin, block or corporation to Steam, TerraTech may not boot up. To remedy this players will have to restart Steam and the game should run normally.
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Sep 20, 2019
This is really nice. And kudos for finally figuring out transparency.
But for basebuilding, we really need BIGGER panels.
Sure, we need the smaller ones for all the details, but we need BIGGER panels too.
Like 4x4 and even 8x8.
Partly for keeping the frame rate in double digits, but also for building things.
Making walls or floors out of millions of small blocks is a massive pain.
Bigger panels help with both things.
Feel free to make them more fragile if giant panels are OP, but for making bases, we need slabs and walls.