TerraTech 1.4.1 update is now available on Steam


Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new update for you!

The Reticule Research lead experimenter, Atom, needs a new lab assistant to assist in some 'experiments.' Are you up to the task? Check your nearest mission board for more details.

You can now create your own blocks using our Modding Tool. New functionality means you can upload custom blocks to the Steam Workshop! For more info and instructions check our How-to Wiki here.

We've also included translation updates thanks to the TT Translators.


New Reticule Research missions:
  • Tesla Base
  • Zero Point Hollow
New mission blocks:
  • Reticule Research Cab
  • Reticule Research Fabricator
  • Reticule Research Scrapper
  • Reticule Research Tesla Coil
  • GSO Cab Chassis
  • GeoCorp Cab Chassis
  • Venture Cab Chassis
  • Hawkeye Cab Chassis
  • Better Future Cab Chassis
New features:
  • Option added to confine the mouse pointer to the window when playing in non-full screen mode.
Design tweaks:
  • A Reticule Research Tech has been added to the start of R&D Labs.
Mod Support Update:
  • The Official Mod Support tools have been updated to support block modding.
  • Please visit our official Wiki for information on how to make your own custom blocks.
  • Further Mod Support tweaks and functionality are planned, so be sure to leave us your feedback on the forum thread linked above.
Localisation Update:
Translations have been updated for various languages:
Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:
  • Dzi4d3k
  • Szymonicus
  • Teraman64DD
  • WispM
  • 光轲
Known Issues:
  • Zero Point Hollow mission is currently not available in Co-op Campaign mode, but will be added in a future update.
  • Reticule Research Payload Terminal is currently unavailable, but will be added in a future update.


Jul 23, 2018
Will there be Reticule research enemies that spawn in the world?
Funny you should ask! We've just opened up the Reticule Research enemy populations submissions here: