TerraTech 1.3.8 update is now available on Steam


Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

We've got a brand spanking new update for you!

Reticule Research, the new Corporation coming to TerraTech, have started their prospecting empire by taking over the R&D Labs. They've brought a few toys with them for you to test out. WARNING! USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION!!

Not only that, but there are also three epic new missions in campaign. Put your bombing skills to the test in Bomber Command, take care of the pesky enemy watchtower in Charlie Watchtower and investigate the weird goings-on over at SAM Site Ridge.

Two Community inspired blocks have also made their way into the main game. What awesome Techs are you going to make with the Hawkeye Delta Wings and Type 45 Naval Gun? Make sure you share them to the Workshop!


New Missions added:
  • Bomber Command - Hawkeye Grade 2 [Singleplayer only. Will come to Multiplayer in next update]
  • Charlie Watchtower - GSO Grade 2
  • SAM Site Ridge - GSO Grade 3
  • Better Future Hover Training Programme [Set of 11 new missions].

New Blocks:
  • Geocorp Girder Bracket
  • Geocorp Extended Corner Block
  • Hawkeye Delta Wings [Left and Right variants]
  • Hawkeye Type 45 Naval Gun

Blocks Promoted from R&D:
  • Venture Big Top Nose Propellor

Art Tweaks:
  • UI opacity changes to all the main panels in game to reduce the overall brightness.
  • New R&D Labs menu button

Reticule Research Replaces EXP:
Reticule Research have taken up the position previously held by EXP as the Research and Development department for all other Corporations. This signifies a revamp to R&D Labs, a bunch of new blocks and some more experimental weaponry being added.

R&D Revamp:
  • New Reticule Research branding
  • Added new Battle Arena - Drive onto the pressure plate and wait 3 seconds to fight an enemy matched to your tech
  • Venture time trials from Campaign now added, complete with bespoke terrain
  • General tidy up and reorganisation of multiple areas
  • Set to permanent daytime
  • Tech Allegiance is now controlled in Tech Manager Menu
  • Return To Checkpoint now returns you to the last teleporter you used
  • Improved the Start Position area with new signs, charging station and rotating logo.
  • Improved the Testing Apparatus zone.
  • Improved teleport menu added.
  • Added signs to all zones.
  • Added alternate EXP skin for Reticule Research.
  • New Floor Texture.

New R&D Labs Blocks:
  • Reticule Research HIVE Missile Launcher
  • Reticule Research Rocker Chassis
  • Reticule Research Cross Chassis
  • Reticule Research Tri Chassis
  • Reticule Research Quad Chassis
  • Reticule Research Sonic Blaster
  • Reticule Research GIGA PLASMA
  • Reticule Research One Block
  • Reticule Research Two by Two Block
  • Reticule Research Armoured One Block
  • Reticule Research Armoured Two Block
  • Reticule Research Faired One Block
  • Reticule Research Faired Two Block
  • Reticule Research Front Balloon Wheel
  • Reticule Research Side Balloon Wheel
  • Previous existing EXP Blocks now re-branded to Reticule Research

Bug Fixes:
  • Scrapper in Craftier Business II now defaults to the correct orientation.
  • In Creative and Co-op Creative, game saves now correctly remember when enemies are turned off.
  • Fixed bug allowing the Tech Loader "Sort" drop down box to be able to be scrolled out of.
  • Fixed bug preventing the player from typing in the multiplayer text box if the skins menu is open.
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