TerraTech 1.3.7 update is now available on Steam

Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014
One more update from us before the year ends with some important bug fixes that needed fixing from version 1.3.6.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash bug when opening certain reward crates.
  • Chinese names now display correctly in the player lists of multiplayer modes.
  • Fixed Block Injector issue, which was causing modding of new blocks to no longer work.

Release Notes - Version 1.3.6

There are new areas to test out in the R&D Labs (the new name for the R&D Test Chamber):
  • 14 Unique Campaign Biomes Including Grassland, Rocky Ridge, Mountains, Salt Flats
  • Testing Apparatus area with Speed Trap, Weighing Scales, Damage Calculator

There are also 2 new skin packs to purchase. Each pack includes a brand new skin and a set of bespoke blocks for 2 corporations:
  • To The Stars: Space Race & Roswell (GSO & Better Future)
  • Weapons of War: Iron Hunter & Warbird (Hawkeye & Venture)
Check them out!

YouTube™ Video: New Custom Skins || TerraTech Update
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4 Brand New Custom Skins will be available to buy on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Subscribe for more Developer Content ► https://youtube.com/terratechgame DEVELOPER LIVE STREAMS EVERY WEDNESDAY...

Updates to R&D Labs

Important note:
All existing R&D Test Chamber game saves are very likely to load into the new R&D Labs with peculiar consequences; mainly Techs falling from great height or just hanging in the air if they're anchored. So any Techs that you want to keep for the new R&D Labs, please snapshot in the current version 1.3.5 before updating to this version.
  • Updates are currently in progress so do let us know what you think as we refine what we have and add more features to R&D Labs.
  • Some of the new features are:
    • Biome Areas - to test how well your Tech drives on the different terrains.

    • Speed Trap - to test how fast your Tech is travelling as it crosses the laser line.

    • Weighing Scales - to measure the mass of a Tech or multiple Techs or individual blocks.

    • Damage Calculator - see how much damage each weapon causes

Design Tweaks:
  • The GSO Anchored SCU Storage Device has been moved from GSO Grade 3 to GSO Grade 2.
    • It will now appear as a rare mission reward for completing missions from GSO Grade 2 onwards.

Art Tweaks:
  • Graphics options Draw Distance slider has now been extended to almost 3 times the previous distance.

  • There are also separate graphics options sliders for Detail Distance and Shadow Distance.
  • The radar has become semi-transparent.

  • Translations for new text have been added for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
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TerraTech Modder Manager
Jul 4, 2018
"You hear that modders? It's up to you to fix what we deliberately accidentally broke to eliminate the competition make the game more fun!... PAY US!"
The thing that broke mods was optimization for the switch which people kept complaining about ok? You can't just take out all your problems on Payload if they accidentally break on thing trying to fix others which a lot of people have been asking for.
Edit: Have you ever considered joining the TT discord where all of the modders discuss updates and how things break? There is always an ongoing discussion about fixing things and the devs actively participate as well to help solve problems.
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Jan 4, 2020
This update didn’t fix bird of prey...hasn’t populated and I’ve been playing this game 4 ever


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Jun 14, 2017
Thumbs up on those R&D adds. Very nice!

With increased drawing distance, was there some general performance optimization, or was it something that just didn't add much of a hit to begin with?