TerraTech 1.3.2 update is now available on Steam

Sai Wun

Aug 13, 2014

New features:
  • Loading screens now display hints.
  • Camera effects added when player Tech takes damage; camera shake and chromatic aberration.
  • The credits screen now automatically scrolls.

New block:
  • Hawkeye Landing Gear

New R&D Test Chamber block:
  • EXP Dynamo Generator (now functioning)

R&D Test Chamber Improvements:
  • The R&D Test Chamber has now been organised into separate zones which the player can navigate to via teleports:
    • Start Position
    • Prototype Blocks
    • Target Practice
    • Turret Run
    • Stunt Ramps
    • Race Tracks
    • Playground
    • Crafting Zone
    • Landmarks
    • Middle of Nowhere

Design Tweaks:
  • These wheels have been given +10 mph:
    • GSO Muddy Dog Wheel
    • GeoCorp Workaday Wheel
    • GeoCorp Jaws Wheel
    • Hawkeye Bike Wheels (straight and angled)
    • Hawkeye Workhorse Wheel
  • These wheels have been given +20 mph:
    • Hawkeye Big Daddy Wheel
    • GeoCorp Big-Boy Wheel
    • Venture Monster Truck Wheel
    • Venture Titan Truck Wheel
  • Increased the turning arcs and cornering ability of several Hawkeye Wheels:
    • Hawkeye Big-Boy Wheel
    • Hawkeye Garrison Wheel
    • Hawkeye Tread Wheel
    • Hawkeye Warhorse Wheel

Camera Tweaks:
  • Camera Spring can now be completely disabled when the slider is at zero.
  • A smoothing slider in options also allows the camera rotation behaviour to be set between abrupt, immediate rotation and slower, smoother rotation.

Bug fixes:
  • Tech Snapshots now centre the image of the Tech more consistently.
  • Fixed issue causing Hawkeye PX Small Tracks and Venture Hurricane tracks to have trouble driving in a straight line.
  • Fixed bug causing deployed anti-gravity bubbles to incorrectly block beam laser type weapons (e.g. Better Future Disc Lasers).

  • Updated translations for Chinese text.
    • Many thanks to 光轲
  • Updated translations for Japanese text.
    • Many thanks to Teraman64DD and Demind
  • Updated translations for Russian text.
    • Many thanks to Hlebuw3k

Known Major Issues:
  • Multiple resources travelling close to each other along Conveyors may generate bottlenecks and clog bases up, especially around Refineries and Filters.
  • Translations for non-English language support is work-in-progress for most languages.


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Sep 1, 2019
Sorry if this isn't about the 1.3.2 update just want to ask when will the 1.3 update for coop campaign be released for the console players


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May 2, 2019
And better future because there’s been a long wait and I think it’s overdue when will t be released