TerraTech 0.8 Released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Zeena, May 18, 2018.

  1. Zeena


    Hey guys and girls!

    We've just released TerraTech 0.8, our biggest update so far.

    This includes beta multiplayer, major optimisations, new blocks, and tons of bug fixes since the last stable release. Not to mention all the design tweaks and audio enhancements!

    Here's the release notes: https://steamcommunity.com/games/285920/announcements/detail/1660018815102016003

    Check out our blog on Beta Multiplayer, our free week & an upcoming sale: https://www.terratechgame.com/blog_MultiplayerAndFreeWeek.htm

    Have a great weekend! xoxoxox
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  2. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)


    Edit: my computer randomly restarted during the update and TT borked. It actually (think it properly did) uninstalled TT and I had to reinstall. It's fine now.
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  3. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels S H I N Y Mad Scientist

    Is it more stable than the recent unstable? Xp
  4. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    Oh yess payload give it to me.
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  5. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Multiplayer has never been more alive!
  6. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    Oh yesss paylood fiv to meme
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  7. GamerParrish

    GamerParrish Well-Known Member

    Can someone give me the update major details, I'm at school currently.
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  8. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    YUP! IT'S GREAT!!!

  9. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    hopefully the 0.8 will be less crash prone than the and later (typical crashes every two hours for me on my B4 beast)
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  10. Lord Zarnox

    Lord Zarnox Founder of the IFTTES

    Did you implement @WhitePaw2002's hover fix? If not, please do that in the next unstable.
  11. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    They haven't. Hovers are still very strong and bouncy.
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  12. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    It was the same for me and 0.8 has been stable for several hours. [edit] Except clicking on a Twitch stream. Crashes every time.

    GCUs can be vicious if your magnets are high on your tech and the GCU is lower than it. Techs were flipped repeatedly until I went with a different GCU layout that placed it higher off the ground. Otherwise (and so far)... It's looking nice!
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  13. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

    I crash loads on the beta multiplayer for seemingly no reason.
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  14. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    when you release these things, can you tell us what the difference is between and .8 please?
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