Terra Tech Story Mode

joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
This will be like the back ground of the Terra tech story. I could start with GSO getting ready to send you out to the alien plan (the world we play in). They will be sending you and other explores because the word that live on is on the midst of destruction. The people who give you instructions through the game. (ex: press b to flip your tech over). You and a few other space crafts will fly toward the terra tech world. As you approach the world meters will fly pass you hitting all of the other space crafts. A few of the missions will be to see if there are any survivors ore blocks to salvage. Once you reach Level one GSO will send out a distress call for more corps to come and help you. All of the other spacecrafts salvage missions will be fails. Geo corp will respond eminently to the call Every level up GSO level up you will get a response to the distress call. That is all my ideas, if the devs want to continue this they can keep working on it.