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Nov 16, 2020
Denmark & Germany

Concept & Idea

I am looking for a couple of developers/designers and testers willing to spend some time together on starting a project related to some of the suggestions available in the forum for improvements of Terra Tech.

Mostly focusing on the simple things that bring the most improvements at the beginning with a configuration setup to enable and disable any changes made to allow people to play the game the way they woud like to.

I can provide a extensive set of knowledge in software engineering in web and application based enviroments including reverse engineering and design.
Upon further private request i can provide a huge repositorie of references of previous work i done if of interest.

Examples would be : F4SE, Grim Dawn, Rust and others.
(Some screenshots can be found inside the current placeholder discord.)

You also dont require software engineering knowledge to contribute, if you are willing to test provided first versions of mods or share suggestions of your own. Feel free to join and find out if you can contribute.

Important, read the following.
I do not plan of enlisting people to work for me or a group, i plan on enlisting people to work towards a common goal with clear credit references.
The project will be available on github to anyone within the team at first and as soon as a certain amount of progress is reached available publicly.
The goal is the improvement of terra tech as a campaign single player game with longevity and replayability.
In general the to do list of things i would like to realize are not bound to my opinion but a voting process available to anyone with interest.
My own personal thoughts or opinions on certain suggestions will not interfer with the likeness of them being provided by the mod, this is a requirement for any modder in the team. You may feel free to decline any work in general towards any suggestions without further statement or questions asked.
Nobody will be asked to do work, nobody will provide monetary incentives or accept donations. If this project reaches a state where there is a monetary incentive required to cover any costs, we will be fully transparent on all ends.

If you are interested feel free to join or if you know someone that would like to send them this forum thread.

Here you can join our discord server.
(Click the image.)

PS: This project just started with this forum thread, please be patient and give it a chance to progress before deeming of interest or not.
Thanks for reading.

Reference Links

Steam Group:
Steam Forum Thread:
Discord Invite:

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AKA Terro
Aug 21, 2017
The stars and beond.
Yep, I don't have the coding knowledge but I can definitely beta test, Idc about any of my TT saves anymore, so it's ok if it deletes all of TT off my PC XD And if it's using an image (PNG, whatever) inserted into the game, I could prob make a good UI for you... I did it once before, inventory system for a friends mobile game, and imo it turned out great. (They had to refine it cuz MS paint, but it was the same UI I made, just with more pixels) I don't like the current TT UI, the old one was too small but it fit the theme well and it was quick and easy to use.
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