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Feb 23, 2018
~Highly agile harvester "Moon Rabbit"~

Moon Rabbit.png

Architects of the Future, are you ready to travel countless worlds in style? To glide swiftly across the plains, cross canyons in a single bound and leave nay-sayers in the dust? To give somebody else your hard-earned money? Better Future has the answer to your prayers. The Moon Rabbit™ is our most powerful harvester yet, carrying twice as many Chikamori™ plasma lance emitters our previous model. Four Halo™ wheels, perfectly balanced in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui™, keep the Moon Rabbit™ tilted forwards at just the right angle to scoop up any resources you may need. The Moon Rabbit™ carries two of Better Future's patented Pitch Trim™ gyroscopes, allowing you to modulate its angle to suit your needs. The Moon Rabbit™ also boasts twelve of our Swipe™ collectors, capable of holding enough resource chunks to suit any lifestyle.

The Moon Rabbit™ comes with a sleek metal casing in a choice of black with red highlights or white with blue highlights, elegantly sculpted by Shinto priestesses who bathe in mermaids' tears and shave their armpits with enchanted stalhrim daggers. The casing is not waterproof, nor does it offer protection against explosions, impacts, dust, acid, cutting, bending, lasers, fire, electricity, tearing, crushing, freezing or swarms of bees. The Moon Rabbit™ is not intended for combat, damp enviroments, rocky terrain or hauling heavy goods. The Moon Rabbit™'s boosters will only accept Digniflight™ fuel, and using any other fuel will void the guarantee and may cause the Moon Rabbit™ to explode. Installing any non-Better Future blocks onto the Moon Rabbit™, apart from the two GSO components our designers grudgingly agreed to include, may cause the Moon Rabbit™ to explode. Better Future is not liable for the Moon Rabbit™'s lack of manoeuvreability in tight spaces. The Moon Rabbit™ contains gluten and is not suitable for those with celiac disease.

Size: Sleek!
Weight: So light and beautiful!
Speed: Agile!
Agility: ^_^
Capacity: Just the right amount!
Movement: Four Halo™ wheels, one dual booster.
Armament: Two Chikamori™ plasma cutters, two Streamline™ lasers, two Dot™ lasers.
Defences: One Nano-Aegis™ shield emitter, one Mother of Purity™ repair bubble emitter.
Weaknesses: It's so pretty you may not be able to tear your eyes off it!
Special Features: Pitch Trim™ gyroscopes enable deep angle control.

GeoCorp may make the "best" mining equipment, but are they Better Future? I thought not.