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    Here is a carefully curated selection of my techs. Some were made during the campaign, others for fun.

    ~Light Venture stunt car "Little Speedster"~

    Little Speedster.png

    A small, compact vehicle designed for racing and stunts. While it lacks the speed to jump through extremely high hoops or drag race against the greatest techs, it can complete most tracks with time to spare. Useless in combat, except possibly as a distraction or escape vehicle.

    The first prototype was built by Suzie Vroom. Venture recruits quickly began copying her design, at which point she switched to her weird upright tech just to mess with them. The lack of weapons made it all to easy for rogue prospectors to prey on Venture recruits, so poor Suzie had to start handing out free Avalanche launchers. Which made Venture recruits an even more popular target, because everyone wants an Avvlanche launcher.

    Speed: Very fast.
    Agility: Can climb pretty much anything and turn on a sixpence.
    Size: Tiny.
    Weight: Very light.
    Armament: Maybe you could ram something?
    Defences: Brittle carbon fibre armour. The suspension can cope with a few long falls, though.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost, long-range radar, front-mounted landing gear to help with mounting ramps.
    Weaknesses: Exposed cab, no weapons, exposed fuel tank.

    ~Long-range destruction platform "Amazonian Mortar"~

    Amazonian Mortar.png

    A Megaton cannon platform designed to attack enemies at range and/or in hard-to-reach places, easily built from blocks you can acquire by beating up a late-game enemies. The front armament can take care of enemies who manage to get closer, but it doesn't have the shielding or the manoeuvreability for long fights. It can cope with ice and rough terrain and use hills to fine-tune its firing angle. One volley can turn any enemy into a pile of blocks, unless it's properly shielded and covered in armour. In that case, two or three volleys should do it.

    Only a few Amazonian Mortars are currently in service, but any prospector who owns one is guaranteed to get some slack from pirates and tax collectors, and customization is easy. All the major companies have at least one Amazonian Mortar or their own version on hand at their base.

    Speed: Slowish.
    Agility: Can climb fairly steep inclines and turn in place.
    Size: Large-ish.
    Weight: Quite heavy.
    Armament: Nineteen Megaton cannons angled to fire in a long arc. Ten three-pound cannons and ten eight-barrel mini-mortars for point defence.
    Defences: Strong metal bodywork.
    Special Abilities: Shoots explosive shells in a long arc. I mean, isn't that enough?
    Weaknesses: Exposed cab.

    ~Venture Hybrid Heavy Assault Truck "Liberator"~


    Made after some Venture pilots struck a deal with Hawkeye, the Liberator is a powerful long-range combat vehicle at home in difficult environments. The three HG-1 cannon turrets have enough power to take out most enemies, while the front-mounted contact shotguns and Oozee SMGs can tear through shields. The batteries and fuel tanks are protected by several repair bubbles.

    The Liberator is well-known by privateers operating near Team Venture's main base. Most of them have been chased down at least once. Independent Venture license-holders see the Liberator as a symbol of hope, and have shamelessly copied its design countless times.

    Speed: Fairly fast.
    Agility: Can climb hills and do wheelies. Turning circle isn't too great.
    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Medium.
    Armament: Three HG-1 heavy cannon turrets, three Avalanche missile launchers, several guns.
    Defences: Shielding covers the entire hull. Strengthened carbon fibre plating with aggregated carbon nano-rod armour over the fragile, explosive components.
    Special Abilities: Powerful booster rockets.
    Weaknesses: A Megaton volley will generally be enough to blow it up. Getting it to stay still for long enough is difficult, though.
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    ~Hawkeye light scout vehicle "Ankle-Biter"~

    Ankle Biter.png

    The Ankle-Biter was designed to outmanoeuvre large techs and blast them to smithereens. With most of its heavy weapons pointing forwards, it is sadly let down by the slow turning rate of the mortars. However, the Ankle-Biter really stands out as a scout vehicle, being able to careen across the plains and over rough terrain at greater speeds than anything which could threaten it, except perhaps an aeroplane with missile launchers. Its batteries can keep the repair bubble active through plenty of battles or tumbles off a mountain.

    Ankle-Biters have seen wide use along the fringes of Hawkeye territory, and are popular starting techs for their license-holders. One operative made a pretty convincing replica of an Ankle-Biter out of nothing but GSO parts, and was kicked out of Hawkeye for "taking the mickey". She went on to start a blog about Japanese giant monster films.

    Speed: Fairly fast.
    Agility: Decent, but it tends to rock while cornering.
    Size: Medium-small.
    Weight: Light-ish.
    Armament: One Seeker missile launcher, two railguns, four rotary mortars and plenty of guns.
    Defences: Tough metal hull, aggregated carbon nanorod plating over sensitive areas.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost.
    Weaknesses: Gyroscopes are easily damaged by explosive weapons. Cab is fairly exposed, too.

    ~GeoCorp Class-9 Gatherer~

    Class 9 Gatherer.png

    The Class-9 Gatherer can carry more resources than the previous eight varieties of gatherer, but pales in comparison to the Class-10. Nevertheless, it is a reliable workhorse loved by prospectors throughout the galaxy. Its angled Cerberus-Head bores and buzzsaws make light work of any resources you put in its path, and its weaponry is enough to dispose of minor threats. With major threats, though, running away may be the best option, in which case the Class-9 Gatherer's booster jets will be vital.

    Snapshots for the original Class-9 Gatherer are hard to come by, so many prospectors and GeoCorp operatives end up making their own versions. These tend to have between four and ten wheels, between four and ten Scotty HC collectors, and any number of STUD lasers on the front. Big Pete swears he once saw one which could fly. The pair of Megaton cannons on top of the spinal battery array is always there, though, because some traditions are worth fighting for.

    Speed: Slow-ish.
    Agility: Can climb surprisingly steep slopes. Cannot cope with ridges or steep valleys, or deep mud.
    Size: Large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Armament: Two Megaton cannons, small mortar bank, front-mounted laser array, ferocious mining equipment.
    Defences: Heavy titanite bodywork, complete shield and repair bubble array.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost. (Which is probably the only thing I'm ever going to put in this section, unless I start making stuff up...)
    Weaknesses: Poor turning rate, ugly mess of parts underneath the collectors which can sometimes hide resource chunks.
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    It's rare to find someone who puts details on their Techs. This is nice. :)
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    What can I say? I like a bit of background lore.
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    Here's the first tech wish made-up capabilities that are hard to replicate in-game! Yay!

    ~High-speed rammer and close-combat fighter "Death Plough"~

    GSO Death Plough.png

    Built by a desperate GSO pilot during an attack on the erudite fields by greedy GeoCorp miners (who only got a slap on the wrist from their even greedier bosses), the Death Plough is designed to smash large wheels to pieces. Its innovative internal structure spreads the force of the impact while focusing damage onto the enemy tech, leaving whatever is left to the powerful shotguns. Two fans and a powerful rocket booster give it some serious speed, serious enough that it sometimes drives right past its target. If it does manage a hit, the two Venture repair bubbles in the front section can quickly repair the plough without wasting any power on the enemy.

    Speed: Fast.
    Agility: Decent on hills. Turning circle is... adequate.
    Weight: Medium.
    Size: Medium.
    Armament: Four shotguns, two three-pound cannons, one massive aggregated carbon nano-rod ramming plough.
    Defences: Thick plumbite plating over the fuel tanks. The plough can also take quite a few hits.
    Special Abilities: Can ram enemy techs with terrible force. Also, a powerful booster rocket.
    Weaknesses: Exposed fuel. Yes, that definitely counts as a weakness.
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    ~Imaginitively named Hawkeye racing and combat vessel "Hawkeye Racer"~

    Hawkeye Racer.png

    Oh, Venture techs can run rings around our heavy, lumbering tanks? How about you say that again with a few hundred bullet holes in your ugly face?

    Built for speed and agility, the Hawkeye Racer is very speedy and agile. It hurtles over smooth ground and up hills, taking only minor damage as the massive fan drags on the ground, and has enough booster power to charge through Gauntlet courses. Four Seeker missile pods are enough to take out most turrets and interlopers. The suspension is slightly lacking, but the wheels can take a few knocks. The Hawkeye Racer's fuselage was ergonomically sculpted by Shinto priestesses who bathe in mermaids' tears for maximum aerodynamism, allowing incredible feats of acrobatics on the ramps.

    Speed: Fast.
    Agility: Can make sharp turns and leap off ramps.
    Size: Medium.
    Weight: Medium.
    Armament: Four Seeker missile pods, small selection of guns.
    Defences: Sturdy titanic alloy bars. Aggregated carbon nanorod plating over explosive components.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost, surprising gliding ability.
    Weaknesses: The fuel tank will probably blow up after a few hits, setting off a devastating chain reaction.

    ~Venture adventure vehicle for adventurous ventures "Wander Tank"~

    Wander Tank.png

    The Wander Tank is a fast vehicle designed for the modern prospector. Able to rapidly refine and sell resources on the go while charging up its batteries with a mobile furnace, the Wander Tank can rapidly cross any terrain, gather resources and fend off small enemies all day. It is sadly let down by its limited battery capacity and inability to endure cannon fire, but hitting it with slow-turning weapons is easier said than done. Fast-moving enemies have no recourse against its powerful missiles. Slow-moving enemies have no hope of catching it.

    The Wander Tank was built by a prospector who liked to stay on the move. It lasted several weeks before he was caught stealing celestite ore in GeoCorp territory and peppered with Megaton fire. The prospector suffered a broken arm when his cab exploded, which was quickly followed by several more broken bones as the miners beat him up with their pickaxes. After a few months in hospital, the prospector set to work on a much more powerful tech. See below for details.

    Speed: Fairly fast.
    Agility: Can turn on the spot. Should be able to operate on steep hills when Lord Jamie and Zeena-no-Kami finally get around to fixing the laws of physics.
    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Medium.
    Armament: Four forward-facing guns, two Rapid cannons, several missile launchers, multiple turret-mounted guns.
    Defences: Carbon fibre hull. Small areas of metal plating which aren't that much use.
    Special Abilities: On-board mineral refinery and delivery cannon. Powerful booster rockets.
    Weaknesses: Weak hull, low battery capacity.

    ~High-powered mobile battle tech "Eviscerator"~


    The Eviscerator's power is almost unmatched. Its heavy weapons are enough to tear through shields and blast enemy techs to smithereens, and its large battery capacity is enough to last through plenty of battles. It can climb hills in spite of its weight and even process resources on the move, although mining is hardly its focus. A sizable mortar bed allows it to fire over walls, while multiple sideways- and rear-facing Hailfire rifles offer 360 degree protection. It even has boosters and two extra rows of wheels under the hull! What's not to love?!

    As you may have guessed, the Eviscerator was the brainchild of the same hapless prospector who built the Wander Tank. He promptly began a one-man war against GeoCorp, blasting their Megaton bricks to smithereens before the pilots could do anything. GeoCorp immediately blacklisted him and convinced the GSO to terminate his license. In response, Hawkeye hired him to protect their bases from tax collectors, and he lived happily ever after. He also started a side business screening sad films for mermaids.

    Speed: Slow.
    Agility: Can turn on the spot, albeit slowly, and climb moderate hills. Turning while on the move is sketchy.
    Size: Fairly large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Armament: Two Mk-3 battleship cannons, two HG-1 rotary cannons, four cruise missile launchers, four gatling guns, mortars for days, all the small arms you could wish for, I mean, it's got everything. Don't mess with it.
    Defences: Sturdy titanite and plumbite hull. Some titanite alloy plating and aggregated carbon nano-rods angled to deflect fire.
    Special Abilities: Mobile resource processing and recharge facilities. Can boost itself with rockets.
    Weaknesses: None. Seriously.
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    ~GSO mobile resource compressor "Block Goddess"~

    GSO Block Goddess.png

    Fed up with selling her tears to Hawkeye's tech design shrine-maidens, a young mermaid decided to join the Galactic Survey Organisation and have a go at designing her own techs, complete with tail-friendly cabs. The Block Goddess is her greatest creation to date. It can roam for miles, charging itself with solar panels along the way, and gather a ton of resources before turning them all into blocks. The ingenious resource collection setup allows already-refined resource chunks to slip past the mobile refinery while making sure all the raw materials are processed. The collectors are slightly prone to snapping off on trees, though. A powerful double-layered wheel setup gives the Block Goddess incredible power and traction, which can be boosted further with an array of rockets at the back.

    The Block Goddess's front armour and shielding allow for frontal attacks, with a bank of missile launchers and one Megaton cannon providing some serious punch. While it lacks the power to take on heavy combat techs, it has more than enough speed to run away. Multiple banks of small arms provide 360-degree protection from small techs and wild animals. On top of all that, it has enough battery power to survive plenty of battles or crashes into rocks. It's even semi-amphibious and excellent on muddy terrain! Perfect for a mermaid!

    Speed: Medium.
    Agility: Average. It can't turn too well, but it can take some hills.
    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Armament: Four large missile launchers, one Megaton cannon, several cannons and laser guns.
    Defences: Plumbite plating on the front.
    Special Abilities: Resource refinement and collection section, integrated crafting system, solar arrays, rotary anchoring capabilities, powerful rocket boosters.
    Weaknesses: The conveyors can be blown up quite easily.

    ~All-terrain resource retriever "Gatherer Drone"~

    Gatherer Drone.png

    The Gatherer Drone is designed to work with large, slow techs such as the Block Goddess in order to fetch hard-to-reach resources. Its compact design allows the Techa tracks to really come into their own, carrying it up inclines that would be impossible for larger harvesters. The booster rockets can practically push it up a cliff. A selection of weapons at the front are enough to deal with minor threats; hopefully whichever large harvester the Gatherer Drone is working with can take care of the major ones. It isn't much use for long journeys on its own, but rookie prospectors can probably get some use out of it.

    The mermaid responsible for the Block Goddess built the first Gatherer Drone during a trip to the mountains. After spending hours trying to get at that one bloody rodite-bearing rock that was almost flat against the stupid way-too-steep cliff, proving that the gods either weren't real or just hated her, the mermaid realised she needed a new strategy. She spent another hour flopping up the hill on her scaly tummy, but found that she could only carry a single lump of rodite, which almost melted her gloves. She then threw together a simple vehicle with some Techa tracks, added boosters, added batteries, added weapons, and finally added a couple of Globetrotter wheels for speed. Since that day, she has never looked back.

    Speed: Medium-slow.
    Agility: Excellent. Can turn on the spot, climb steep hills and stuff.
    Size: Medium-small.
    Weight: Low.
    Armament: Basic front-facing weapons.
    Defences: Plumbite hull plating.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost, AI capabilities.
    Weaknesses: Exposed cab and fuel tanks. The lightweight Venture batteries can be blown up without much difficulty. I mean, it isn't meant for front-line combat...
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    cool, ill be adding some techs of my own to this soon!
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    I'd rather you made a thread of your own for them, so they'd be easier to find without anybody getting confused. Feel free to use my format, though.
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    ~Multipurpose GSO tech "Quintescentia"~

    GSO Quintescentia.png

    The Quintescentia was designed to epitomise the GSO's design philosophy. Its weapons are enough to take on similar-sized techs, with mortars for long-ranged attacks and shotguns for close-quarters brawling. Its powerful wheels give it impressive speed and turning, so large enemies will struggle to catch up to it. Two Flatbed collectors and some mini block magnets make hunting and mining a breeze, as long as there's a resource base nearby. Up to four prospectors can live comfortably in the conning tower, which includes a reading room and Zen garden.

    There are many techs like the Quintescentia in service. Most rank-and-file GSO operatives serve on a Quintescentia crew at some point before they get their own tech, while license-holders and independent prospectors have been known to copy the design. Or just steal one.

    Speed: Fastish.
    Agility: Good.
    Size: Medium.
    Weight: Medium.
    Armament: Three eight-barrel min-mortars, two STUD lasers, four three-pound cannons, two shotguns, various small arms.
    Defences: Sturdy plumbite hull plating. Various ploughs, plus impact-resistant plating over the cab.
    Special Abilities: Powerful booster rockets.
    Weaknesses: Cab visible at the front.

    ~Tall attack vehicle "A-Frame of Death~

    A Frame of Death.png

    The A-Frame of Death was designed to hurl a Bertha shell over walls, small hills, forests or anything else in the way. It has some talent as a close-range fighter, although the inconsistent shielding leaves it unable to survive long engagements. It can do wheelies in order to increase the main cannon's range and can rapidly cross rough terrain to get to a good firing spot. The A-Frame of Death really comes into its own in deep water, though, being one of the few attack techs tall enough to stick its cannon up over the surface.

    A Hawkeye license-holder built the A-Frame of Death for a dare, and startled both himself and his comrades by demolishing a pirate raiding party with one shot from its cannon. The A-Frame of Death is a scary sight near the borders of Hawkeye territory, and an even scarier sight further from their territory, because its pilot loves a bit of tech-hunting.

    Size: Large.
    Weight: Medium.
    Speed: Medium-fast.
    Agility: Great turning, but it may fall over on hills.
    Armament: One Bertha cannon, four auto-cannons, many Hailfire rifles and small arms.
    Defences: Tough hull plating and aggregated carbon nano-rod armour. Legs and side-mounted thingies can survive extreme damage and torsion.
    Special Abilities: None that spring to mind.
    Weaknesses: Inconsistent shielding. Wheels are vulnerable to attack.

    ~GSO flagship "Little Harvesty"~

    Little Harvesty.png

    Packing two rotary hyper-plasma helix ray cannons and a drill that can pierce the heart of the universe itself, Little Harvesty is the jewel in the GSO's fleet. It has enough power to decimate an enemy base in seconds. Its drill shreds through armour and shields as if they're little more than paper, its helix rays can cut through mountains, and its four machine cannons provide a hail of withering fire that can level an entire city. Little Harvesty's six wheels have enough power to carry it over any terrain at over three hundred miles per hour. The five collectors on its back are a relic of Little Harvesty's former usage as a harvester; each has the capacity for five hundred resource chunks.

    Little Harvesty was adapted into a combat tech during the first Hawkeye insurrection. Cassandra Wang, commander-in-chief of the GSO, piloted Little Harvesty during the second battle against Hawkeye's elite ravager tanks, turning twenty-four of them into piles of scrap before the paramilitary mavericks decided they'd much rather go home and have a cup of tea. She and her best pilots then attacked Hawkeye's air base and demolished their hangars, using Little Harvesty's machine cannons to take out the few planes that managed to get airborne. Nobody has yet managed to build a tech anywhere near as good.

    Size: Massive.
    Weight: Very heavy.
    Speed: Extremely fast.
    Agility: Incredible. Can climb sheer cliffs and do somersaults.
    Armament: Two rotary hyper-plasma helix ray cannons, one 320,000 RPM neutronium alloy ultra-drill, four rapid-fire machine cannons.
    Defences: Unobtanium hull plating, invisible missile-proof shield.
    Special Abilities: Quantum booster engine allows for instant travel between planets. Drill can detatch and fly through enemies, although reattachment does take a few seconds. Wheels can transform into propellors for rapid flight and amphibious travel. Cup holder automatically keeps drinks at just the right temperature.
    Weaknesses: Are you mad?! It has none! NONE!
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    ~Long-range annihilation tank "Master Sparkler"~

    Master Sparkler.png

    The Master Sparkler carries a unique wide-range electromagnetic pulse cannon with enough power to punch through shields and turn almost anything into a feeble pile of blocks. Several mortars and Hailfire rifles protect the back and sides from manoeuvreable enemies, while the tech's heavy armour enables it to endure plenty of (well, a few) cannon shells and missiles. The Master Sparkler has a sizeable resource collection area for all the trees which tend to fall over during combat, complete with mobile furnace to keep its batteries topped up. Two large block magnets make dragging piles of blocks to the nearest trading station a breeze.

    The Master Sparkler is the pride and joy of Marisa Kirisame, a prospector who lives and gets rich on the planet Gensokyo. Her tech-design philosophy is simple: Pack in as much power as possible and blow the competition into the stratosphere!

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Speed: Medium-fast.
    Agility: Decent enough.
    Armament: One wide-range electromagnetic pulse cannon, functionally equivalent to about twenty AKIRA railguns. Sixteen Hailfire rifles, several rotary mortars, two Zeus lasers.
    Defences: Aggregated carbon nano-rod armour covering the entire hull.
    Special Abilities: Mobile furnace for recharge purposes.
    Weaknesses: Slow turning rate.

    (Any thoughts, @Bgrmystr2 ? :3 )
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    @Aardvark123 Not to be rude,but those are Repeater Rifles.The Hailfire is the Venture counterpart.
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    ...Ah. Right.
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    Praise our almighty lord and savior! the legendary, ultimate, one and only GSO "Little Harvesty". We do not deserve a god like him.
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    ~High-speed attack tech "Speedy Assault"~

    Speedy Assault.png

    With two powerful fan armatures and a set of fearsome booster rockets, Speedy Assault is capable of ramming enemies at incredible speeds and evading whatever they try to retaliate with. Its missile launchers can lock on and strike enemies during high-speed manoeuvres, with a forwards-facing Megaton cannon providing a little extra punch against slow targets. Its strong front armour can deflect incoming fire. Speedy Assault comes with a sizeable fuel capacity and plenty of batteries to support it through lengthy fights.

    Speedy Assault was designed by a man names Francois Cousteau, who was tired of having baguettes and strings of onions fall out of his bicycle basket. He quickly realised there was no room for a basket on Speedy Assault, but decided to keep the tech as it was and become a mercenary.

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Medium-heavy.
    Speed: Fast.
    Agility: Turning isn't great, but it works well on hills.
    Armament: Two Megaton cannons, two GSO missile launchers, two heavy front-mounted buzz saws. Multiple shotguns and small arms.
    Defences: Plumbite bodywork. Patches of strong titanite armour.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost. Saws can double as an extra pair of front wheels.
    Weaknesses: Poor turning at high speeds. Some shield and repair bubble generators are exposed.

    ~Half-tracked Venture vehicle "Venture Halftrack"~

    Venture Halftrack.png

    Venture Halftracks are designed for scouting the borders of Venture territory, chasing down minor threats and drag racing on the frozen highlands. They are also popular among independent prospectors as cheap delivery crate retrieval vehicles. Each comes equipped with a variety of weapons, including two powerful Crossfire rifles and rear-facing OOZEE miniguns, not enough to fight large combat techs but enough to take down similarly-sized enemies. Its batteries can last through a few fights. Its rear tracks provide plenty of speed and traction, while the four frontal Dune wheels allow it to steer. Its rocket boosters can propel it along at eye-watering speeds, making it pretty much impossible to catch. Unless you have a jet fighter. Or cruise missiles.

    Similar techs have existed since before Venture invented caterpillar tracks. They weren't much good, though, since Techa tracks are terribly slow. There was, however, a rather spiffy version with Megaton cannons on top at one point, with power matched only by its tendency to fall over after firing.

    Size: Medium.
    Weight: Light.
    Speed: Fast.
    Agility: Stupendous.
    Armament: Two Crossfire rifles, two long laser rifles I forget the name of, two Contact shotguns, two Pip machine guns, two read-facing OOZEE miniguns and two 360 laser turrets.
    Defences: Strong front-mounted carbon fibre plating.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost.
    Weaknesses: Its armour isn't terrific.

    ~Miniature GSO attack vehicle "Tiny Tank"~

    Tiny Tank.png

    The Tiny Tank was built by Crafty Mike, while drunk, in order to take out a Hawkeye transport base. It wasn't pretty.

    Size: Small.
    Weight: Light.
    Speed: Slow.
    Agility: Excellent, although the tracks tend to seize up on metal ramps.
    Armament: Three three-pound cannons, two eight-barrel mini-mortars, two shotguns, a few small arms, one Pusher plough.
    Defences: One small piece of angled titanite armour.
    Special Abilities: None.
    Weaknesses: Just... Just look at it!
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    ~Flying GSO attack car "Wyvern"~


    The Wyvern is a fast and powerful vehicle designed to deliver a warm, freshly-made Gigaton shell directly to anything that looks at it funny. It has enough speed on land to chase down speedy enemies and shotgun them to death (the Gigaton cannon can't dream of tracking fast enough). Its rocket boosters give it enough speed to soar through the air for up to half a minute, which is generally enough time to get into a good firing position. Its strong frontal armour is designed specifically to deal with trees. The Wyvern's battery capacity is slightly limited in order to save weight, but in the hands of a skilful pilot it shouldn't be taking too many hits.

    The Wyvern is piloted by GSO operative Marnie Higgins, and its weapons operated by Hiro Furuhashi, who is also a GSO operative. What a coincidence! Their job is to protect the large GSO base on planet J-46, striking from the skies with impeccable precision and adequate ability not to crash-land. Most of the pirates who try their luck have no idea what to expect from the Wyvern.

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Medium.
    Speed: Fast.
    Air Speed: Faster.
    Agility: Can turn on the spot, but not so well at speed. Decent on hills.
    Aerobatics: Average turning. Tends to lollop around.
    Armament: One Gigaton cannon, two three-pound cannons, two shotguns.
    Defences: Angled titanite plating on the front.
    Special Abilites: Can fly while using booster rockets.
    Weaknesses: Shortage of point defence. No fast-tracking weapons on the sides and back.

    ~Heavy GeoCorp assault tank and harvester "Giga Giraffe"~

    Geo Giga Giraffe.png

    The Giga Giraffe bears a crowd of Megaton cannons aloft, giving them the vantage point to shoot over walls and at distant enemies. A pair of Gigaton cannons and a small selection of heavy mining equipment allows it to plough through said walls once everything hiding behind them has been turned into a pile of smouldering blocks. It has enough battery capacity so survive plenty of battles and enough booster power to charge across the plains at what somebody who had never seen a Venture tech might be tempted to call speed. It comes equipped with two Scotty HC collectors and two block magnets, making it a useful day-to-day tech in between battles.

    A group of GeoCorp license-holders pooled their Megaton cannons to build the Giga Giraffe after the GSO decided to crack down on resource theft. While GeoCorp claims to respect other corporations' mineral rights, they were in no hurry to punish their license-holders, so the other companies and prospectors on planet J-46 have to live in fear. If only there was some sort of flying tech, piloted by two brave warriors and packing one of the strongest cannons money can buy, that could blast through its noodley neck...

    Size: Very large.
    Weight: Very heavy.
    Speed: Slow.
    Agility: ...Um. Are you serious?
    Armament: Nineteen high-vantage-point Megaton cannons, several more on the lower hull, two Gigaton cannons, dozens of Repeater rifles, a selection of drills and plasma cutters.
    Defences: Thick titanite hull plating, small areas of angled armour. Metal plating over neck-mounted shield generators.
    Special Abilities: Can boost to a respectable speed and probably won't fall over. High-capacity resource and block gathering facilities.
    Weaknesses: Might fall over. Wheels are a bit overburdened.
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    ~High-capacity all-terrain harvester "Techa Harvester"~

    Techa Harvester.png

    The Techa Harvester is a popular tech among ambitious prospectors. Four Scotty HC collectors give it enough room to carry tons of resources. Its twin-row Techa track arrays can bear an impressive weight over rough terrain, with sets of side-mounted fans providing a little extra boost. It can speed across the plains at close to ninety miles per hour thanks to its booster jets. While not designed for battle, the Techa Harvester can protect itself from minor threats with its large missile launcher and spinal mortar bank.

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Speed: Medium-slow.
    Agility: Decent enough.
    Armament: One missile launcher, six eight-barrel mini-mortars, several ZK-47 machine guns, eight side-mounted three-pounders.
    Capacity: 640 resource chunks.
    Defences: Metal plating on front and rear.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost.
    Weaknesses: Slow and ungainly. Batteries are somewhat exposed.

    A man named Gavin constructed the first Techa Harvester when he realised he needed to sell a huge amount of resources to support his family on Earth. He managed to earn a few million pounds before the physics update was released, making its tracks next to useless. Luckily, Gavin's husband had previously worked as a block designer for GeoCorp and was able to recommend some better wheels. Which led to...

    ~Vastly superior all-terrain gatherer "Techaless Harvester"~

    Techaless Harvester.png

    The Techaless Harvester is exactly the same as the Techa Harvester, except with Krusher wheels instead of Techa tracks and a couple of extra drills at the front. Gavin was very excited to learn that Krusher wheels had attach points on top, which started him thinking about how he could better arrange all the other blocks that were available. Before he knew it, he was firmly on the path to tech engineering greatness. He'd get along brilliantly with ZeroGravitas unless either of them got too competitive.

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Speed: Medium-slow.
    Agility: Fairly good.
    Armament: One missile launcher, six eight-barrel mini-mortars, several ZK-47 machine guns, eight side-mounted three-pounders.
    Capacity: 640 resource chunks.
    Defences: Metal plating on front and rear.
    Special Abilities: Powerful rocket boost.
    Weaknesses: Slow and ungainly. Batteries are somewhat exposed.
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    ~Heavy omnidirectional combat tech "Tortevastator"~


    With the physique of a tortoise and the power of an ugly Megaton brick, the Tortevastator is designed for intense battles. With weapons facing in all directions, it can protect itself from nimble techs, and its cannons are strong enough to penetrate heavy shielding. Its drills provide a little extra punch during frontal assaults. It cannot move fast, but a couple of ventral booster jets allow it to crawl up marginally steep hills. It has a high enough battery capacity to last through plenty of battles. Its only real weakness is mountainous terrain.

    The Tortevastator was built by a team of GSO license-holders to protect their crafting base on the planet Ukaria in the Gdevri system. Things went pretty well until Legion decided to claim the planet, which was so far out of the way that the GSO refused to intervene. The Tortevastator shot down almost thirty purple robot insects before it was finally overwhelmed by withering fire and blasted to pieces. The survivors made a hasty exit in their VTOL airship, which promptly crashed, because VTOLs are nigh-impossible to control. The Legion invaders took pity on them and invited them to join the hive mind. No Tortevastator or similar tech is currently in service, but I've just shared the snapshot for it, so...

    Size: Large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Speed: Slow.
    Agility: Pretty dismal.
    Armament: About twenty Megaton cannons, thirty-two rock drills, a metric shedload of small arms.
    Defences: High-density plumbite plating.
    Special Abilities: A pOwErfUl RoCkeT bOOst!!! What a surprising, rare ability!
    Weaknesses: It's quite slow, and so struggles to chase down fast enemies or run away from strong ones.

    ~Cheap and cheerful GSO turret "Old Faithful"~

    Old Faithful.png

    Old Faithful is a compact, decently powerful turret, good for protecting medium-sized bases. It won't survive a Megaton volley but can pick off small attackers with ease. Two side-mounted ploughs increase its girth, allowing it to intimidate enemies. Old Faithfuls have been in use since the dawn of the modular block system, with and will probably still be hanging around when humans evolve into all-powerful energy beings and start work on the next universe.

    Size: Medium.
    Weight: Medium.
    Turn Rate: Average.
    Armament: Four eight-barrel mini-mortars, two shotguns, front-facing circular laser array, six three-pound cannons, four ZK-47 machine guns.
    Defences: Small patches of angled armour, more for looks than actual protection.
    Special Abilities: Spotlight detects nearby enemies.
    Weaknesses: None that are especially noticeable.

    ~Fast-turning Venture turret "Race Queen"~

    Race Queen.png

    The Race Queen is a popular turret design among Venture operatives. Its fast turning rate allows it to track and bombard fast techs while its missiles give it a chance against stronger enemies. Its flamethrowers and shotguns are devastating up close, although it can't actually move closer to enemy techs. Its OOZEE submachine guns, Hailfire rifles and Pip machine guns provide a rain of bullets that can strip through shields like tissue paper. Unless the tech they're attached to has more than a couple of batteries.

    Race Queens are popular Gauntlet course hazards, with the added benefit of being able to keep interlopers at bay. There was a rumour that Suzie Vroom was dating one, but it turned out she'd merely parked her tech right in front of it.

    Size: Medium.
    Weight: Medium-light.
    Turn Rate: Very fast.
    Armament: Four Reaper X-1 flamethrowers, two Avalanche launchers, four Contact shotguns, Various Small Arms.
    Defences: Angled carbon fibre plating.
    Special Abilities: None.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes anchors with the decorative front-mounted rotary anchor by mistake.
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    ~Large poorly-armed GeoCorp turret "Guard Dog"~

    Guard Dog.png

    The Guard Dog is one of those ideas which looks better on paper than it does in practice. Just like Juanita Isidoro's cardboard diving suit, Lenny Godolphin's jet-propelled wheelbarrow and Sidney Nguyen's atomic nose hair trimmer, the Guard Dog has too much of what it doesn't need, melee weapons, and not enough of what it does need, guns. It might be able to take out a small tech before it manages to hide underneath one of the massive rotary saws, but against large techs, the Guard Dog is little more than a heavily-armoured piece of cannon fodder. Its shields can survive a few barrages, but it will go down eventually. The grinders seem like little more than a fashion statement, since any halfway-decent tech pilot is never going to get close enough for-

    Um, can I help you?

    Oh, is that for me? Thank you! Wait, is this...? Why does this tissue smell of chloroform?

    Aaargh! Wait! S-stop! Mmmmfff! Mmmfflmfl...

    Transmission incoming.

    Point of origin: [REDACTED], a top-secret GeoCorp research and development facility on [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED] system.

    Initiate decoding procedure.




    Um... I don't suppose you have a book of ciphers about your person?

    Perfect! Now, I'm going to need you to hold it in front of my webcam... A little closer, that's it...




    YES! I did it, I did it! Yippee!

    ...Ahem. Right. Transmission reads:

    "So, you wanna know about our new turret, do ya? Well, I suppose it was gonna get out there sooner or later, so here's the low-down. The Guard Dog ain't no ordinary turret, kid. Sure, it looks ordinary, but this bad boy is packing four a' the strongest weapons in the universe! That's right, boy, the grinders! ...You are a boy, right? Of course you are! What business would a girl have lookin' at tech schematics? She'd probably just sew lace all over 'em, amirite, guys?!

    "The schematics, that is. Not the techs. You'd need one heck of a needle to sew stuff on a tech. Eh, maybe if it was a Hawkeye needle an' a Venture tech... But even then, a woman'd be too pathetic to push a needle through carbon fibre.

    "Anyway, the saw blades can come off an' fly around. They home in on enemy techs an' rip them to shreds, then fly back to the holders like nothin' ever happened! Even one of 'em's a match for most techs, and four can't be beat! Only problem is the battery life. And the maintenance. And the cost. But what the heck, they're the strongest weapons around! And they're all ours!"

    Transmission over.


    Aaargh, my head... What happened? I feel like I've missed something important...

    Wait, what's this? A stat table for the Guard Dog? Good grief...!

    Size: Medium-large.
    Weight: Heavy.
    Turn Rate: Slow.
    Armament: Ten three-pound cannons, four eight-barrel mini-mortars, dozens of plasma cutters, four cybernetic boomerang grinder launchers.
    Defences: High-density angled titanite armour.
    Special Abilities: Can launch buzzsaw blades. Blades autonomously seek out enemy techs in the area and fly into them in order to deal damage, then rotate in place to cut through them. Will attack designated targets from all sides.
    Weaknesses: The grinders don't grow back. Destroying one is a nigh-impossible task, though.

    DISCLAIMER: Aardvark123 does not condone the GeoCorp turret magnate's attitude towards women. Most women have the common sense to use glue or Velcro to attach lace to their techs, and it is thanks to them that we now have carbon nanotube skirts for combat techs. Trousers for techs are still a work-in-progress, due to the relative difficulty in fitting them over all the wheels, but you can rest assured that they'll have plenty of pockets.
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